Mid of January, I spent two days with an incredible crowd of people at the Inside Out Movement Convention 2016 in Zurich.

The convention by itself was a miracle, simply because the speakers and participants were ONE and not separated from each other. There were no “wallflowers” because when you entered that room, you felt like you were around a big group of really good friends, even if you did not know them yet.

One of my biggest lessons learned came the day after the convention when I spent almost the whole day with some of the speakers in the hotel lobby, chatting and reflecting on what had happened that weekend.

I talked to one of the speakers about my struggle with not seeing the full scope of my impact.

Sure, I know that I do impact people and at the same time, I rarely let that come through to me.

He said, “Why don’t you make a list of all the things that have been created, directly or indirectly, through your work of making connections and teaching people about making genuine connections?”

From that moment, something started to work inside of me. Over the course of the past weeks, many things showed up in front of my mental eye that have been created through my work.

Here are some of them:

I have helped bring the Inside Out Movement Convention 2016 to live through my connections and introduced the founder to about half of the speakers.

One LinkedREvolution client signed a contract with an international company to coach 4 of their directors on a long term basis. The decision maker of this company approached her because of what she created with the LinkedRevolution system. She’s now continuously booked with conversations with potential clients for a month in advance.

Another LinkedREvolution client used the system to attract a $180,000 branding consulting contract. He also said “Other than that I have been flooded with so much work from all directions it is ridiculous!”

I recently met one of my former clients again after not seeing her for 6 months and she had completely changed. When I started working with her, she lacked the confidence to tell anyone about her mission and what she intended to build. When I met her again, she passionately and confidently told me about the empowerment platform she is building and about the people she is getting on board now.

I have introduced countless leaders and entrepreneurs to each other which led to joint venture partnerships and thousands of impacted lives.

Many of the clients I worked with early on in my business were half-way burned-out corporate executives and are now passionate entrepreneurs with a mission to make change.

So, that conversation in the hotel lobby made me see my impact in a much clearer way and I learned to accept that I do already impact thousands of people’s lives.

And so do you.

Leave a comment below and share what impact has been created through your work. It doesn’t matter how big or small, impact is impact.


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