Have you ever been rejected by a potential client even though you had the perfect experience, skills or education?

Have you ever wondered why you did not get that gig even though every rational argument was in your favor?

If you want to successfully sell your consulting services, you need to know why people really buy what you are selling. Most people think it’s because of their experience, skills or education and that’s exactly where most people are wrong.

Sure, it helps to have all of these in place when you offer your services. However, even if you have the perfect resume and exactly what the decision maker wants to have, it’s not enough for him to make a sound purchasing decision.


Why People Buy What You Are Selling

Have you ever made a decision or bought something, and when somebody asked you why you did it, you could only answer with “It just felt right.”?

When I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel with my very first client and he asked me “Daniel, do you know why I hired you?”, a new truth was about to open up to me.

He said “It’s because I see the world from the same point of view as you do. It’s because I believe what you believe.”.

It was a mind-blowing experience because it proved to me that people hire people because of shared beliefs, values and an emotional connection.


“People Don’ Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do it” – by Simon Sinek

So if people mainly hire you because of your beliefs and values, how can you use that to your advantage?

One of the first lessons in marketing is that if we try to sell to the mass market at first, we will fail miserably. We need to be specific and pick a very niche target market.

So let’s imagine you are a business development executive, consulting with CEOs of fast growing technology startups in Switzerland. You have already picked your target market and it’s specific.

Now, does that mean you will be able to work with all CEOs of fast growing technology companies? Of course not.

Many, or even most, may never hire you, even if you can provide massive value for them and their business.

Many may be very interested in the result that you can provide and the benefits they get from that result. However, they may hire somebody else. And you know what? That’s great.

You goal is not to work with anybody or everybody. Your goal is to work with people who believe what you believe within your target market because only then, you can do your best work and will fully love what you do.

When coaching my clients in the Book Yourself Solid system, we first put a filtration system in place that helps clearly define who we let into our business and who we don’t. It’s called the Red Velvet Rope Policy.

Download the Communication Excellence Workbook to create your own Red Velvet Rope Policy and only work with people who energize & inspire you.


The Benefits of Only Working With Ideal Clients

With your filtration system, you clearly define who gets into your business and who does not.

Have you ever worked with a client and felt bored, frustrated or exhausted? Many of my clients have experienced that and it’s one of the reasons they come to me, to put that filtration system into action and only work with energizing and inspiring clients.

Just imagine, how much more you would love what you do if you would work exclusively with energizing and inspiring clients?

How much more fulfilled would you be?

How much more could you charge for your services if people would seek you out not for your price, skills or experience but because they desperately want to hire you for who you are? Why do you think people shop at Luis Vuitton, Hermes or buy a Ferrari? Certainly not because of the rational facts but because of the brand.

How much more productive would you be because of the gained level of energy and excitement?

How much more energy would you have after work when spending time with your family and friends?

How much less stressed would you be? How much better would you sleep?

Do you see how working exclusively with energizing and inspiring clients can transform so many aspects of your business and life?


How Ideal Clients Transform Into Increased Influence

If you have ever worked with a non-ideal client, you know how hard it is to give your best. You know how difficult it is to put in the emotional work that is required to make the client’s experience perfect if your energy gets sucked out of you while you do your work.

How different is that when your client actually energizes and inspires you?

I have felt both sides and the difference is tremendous. It’s not just a small difference but a whole new world. The days are sunny even if it’s raining.

If you only work with ideal clients and therefore are able to do your very best work, many great things happen behind the scenes.

For one thing, people start talking about you without you even knowing it. Let me give you a few examples.

About a month ago, I was sitting in my office in Basel (yes, Starbucks) and overheard a conversation that was happening behind me. There were two Americans, drinking coffee and talking about me and my business. I did not hear everything but the main keywords I heard were “Daniel”, “jordico” and “passion”.

In another instance, I got a call from an organizer from a Professional Women’s Group in Switzerland and she asked me to give a speech at their monthly meeting. I asked her how she knew about me and to my delight, she told me that several members insisted that she contacts me to give a speech.

Another example was when the Head of Admission from IMD in Lausanne contacted me and asked me to give a workshop on building business relationships to their MBA students because she got referred to attend one of my webinars from somebody she knew.

Do you think all of this would have happened if I would not have had a Red Velvet Rope Policy in place and had tried to work with anybody with money in their pockets? I very much doubt it.


How to Build Trust Over Time to Get Hired

Maybe you are a business development executive, or a strategy consultant or maybe an executive consultant. If you are any kind of a service professional, you probably won’t be hired by a potential client the first time you talk to her. Sure, it happens from time to time but most of the time, that’s not how it works.

Let’s say you are at an industry convention and you meet a CEO who is in your target market.

Will you walk up to him and say “Hi, I’m Bob. I help CEOs of fast growing technology startups in Switzerland grow their business. Want to hire me?” Of course not.

What you will do is ask the CEO for his business card so you can send a thank you note the next day. Then, a week later, you send him an email with some highly relevant and timely information.

Three weeks after that, you call him up because you noticed it’s his birthday today.

A month after that, you send him an email to ask if the launch of the new software was successful.

Two weeks after that, you email him to have coffee because you happen to be in the town he is working in. During coffee, he asks you about your business and you have the chance to have a sales conversation. During that conversation, you provide lots of insights and explain how the world looks like today and how it could look like if he hired you.

Because you have built trust with him over the past months, provided a lot of value and because you share similar values and beliefs, he decides to give it a go and hire you.


How to Communicate More Effectively

In order to go out in the world and talk to decision makers about what you do in the most effective way, you need to have a few building blocks in place.

First, you need to have a filtration system in place that only lets people into your business who energize and inspire you.

Then, you need to know exactly what your potential clients’ problems and desires are. If you know what they are, you can address them and present specific solutions.

Next, you need to clearly articulate what the number one result is that you provide.

The first filter your potential client moves you through is if he needs what you have to offer. It your result, i.e. growing his business, solves his problem, i.e. not generating enough revenue, you got his interest.

Last, but definitely not least, you need to clearly define and articulate what benefits your client gets as a result of working with you. This is important because the benefits are what he actually wants.

Let’s say you help the startup CEO grow his business. Well, what does that do for him?

It provides him with more freedom, more security and probably less stress. He will of course earn more money, maybe even reduce costs because you help him implement smoother processes. Your client may also have more time to focus on other important aspects of his business instead of constantly worrying about paying the bills.

Do you see how all of this works together?

If you want to make sure you have all these building blocks in place to sell yourself in the most effective way, download the Communication Excellence Workbook now.


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