Last week, I had a conversation with a woman from Geneva, who has spent the past thirteen years bringing international speakers from all around the globe into Switzerland to create transformational events in personal and business development.

Right before the end of our call, she jumps up and says “I have to show you something I have recently created!”. So she pulls up a logo that she has designed and turned into a Swarovski crystal covered necklace pendant.

The logo was a seamlessly integrated design of a heart and the Dollar symbol. She told me that she had always strived to inspire people to make the connection between love, passion, impact, and money.

When I saw her design, I got goose bumps because it’s a connection that I have had my fair share of challenges to make for years.

Very often, there are two types of people in business. The ones with a very strong focus on making money, and the ones with a very strong focus on changing the world.

Very often, the money-lovers lack the focus on impact and the changing-the-world-lovers have a hard time not going out of business.

As both of these groups grow up, the money-lovers realize at some point that money alone doesn’t create lasting fulfillment so they start focusing more on impact.

The change-the-world-lovers realize at some point that it’s a lot more effective and easier to change the world when you have capital backing you up and you don’t have to worry about surviving.

As both of these groups grow more mature, they get closer and closer to each other and eventually become one.

When I spoke to this women in Geneva, I felt she had embraced both sides and therefore created an outstanding life full of impact and fulfillment.

I have a note next to my computer screen that says “Money = Freedom / Money = Impact” because I very much believe that we all need to embrace both sides in order to create maximum impact for ourselves and the people we want to impact.

I have grown up in an environment where “Rich people are greedy” and “Too much money is bad” were daily mantras. So I developed a negative affiliation with money during my childhood and for many years, struggled with seeing money as impact.

It’s still something I’m working on today although my relationship with money has dramatically changed over the past years.

I believe that money, love and impact are deeply connected and that in order to make maximum impact in this world, developing a love relationship with money is essential.


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