The Road Less Traveled is a stony path. Not being most people requires bravery, endurance and passion among many other things. Not following the path of a comfortable and average life is filled with challenges. A big part of my job is to help you overcome these challenges along the way to your dream career and life.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded & passionate people is something I talk about a lot. There is a reason for that. I believe it’s one of the main reasons why I am here today. It’s one of the main reasons that every time I fall down (happens a lot) I get up again and keep moving.


Nobody Makes it Alone

In the highly competitive industrial age, where people were fighting their way up the corporate ladder to be the first to capture the flag, a popular myth existed that said you can’t trust anyone and you have to make it on your own. Even if that was true during the industrial age, we live in a different world now, even if some people don’t realize it yet.

If you ask any successful leader today who love what they do and do it for impact, they will tell you one of the major ingredients for their success is other people.

Even in the corporate world, if you can’t work well with others, you are a liability. If you are an executive and can’t work well with the CEO’s executive assistant, you will have a hard job getting on the CEO’s agenda.

If you can’t deal with your peers, your job will be 10x harder than it actually is. I believe one of the main reasons executives spend so much time in their inbox and in meetings is because many organizations do not nurture the relationships and rather dictate policies and compliance.


The Mastermind Groups

I’m currently in 2 different mastermind groups with other people who pursue the same goal as I do. They are all business owners, all at different stages in their business. One person is still in a corporate job and building her business on the side. Another person has already expanded to different parts of the world with her business. What we all have in common is the desire to grow our business in a way that is aligned with our values and lifestyle.

One of the groups consists of 3 people, the other of 4. That’s the size I recommend to make sure everybody has enough time to share and get feedback. With the group of 3, we meet for 1 hour and with the group of 4 for 1.5 hours per week. This gives everybody 20 minutes to dive into what they have achieved, talk about a certain challenge and state the goals to achieve till the next meeting.


Why Mastermind Groups are so Important

You already know that it’s a whole lot easier to achieve things if you work together with others but what are the benefits of such a mastermind group really?



Every week, we set goals for ourselves to achieve. By telling other people what these goals are, we make ourselves publicly accountable for what we say we will achieve. This is a very powerful concept that I have leveraged to write my book and to create my online programs in less time than I had ever thought would be possible.



Sometimes I have to overcome a big challenge. That may be something internal like a fear or limiting belief. Sometimes I want feedback on a piece of text I have written or a presentation for a speech. Or maybe I have a technical challenge.

In one of my groups, there is a life coach, a web developer and a professional organizer. This great mix makes it possible to talk about different challenges and get feedback from experts.



Sometimes I need to make a big decision but something is holding me back. I somehow know that it’s the right choice but I need reassurance to be more certain. So I ask people about their opinion. I hear similar situations of what they went through or have decided in such a situation. I also get asked questions that help me be more confident with a decision.



Sometimes, working on your own can get a little lonely. Especially during stressful weeks when I don’t get to talk to as many people as I want to and when I’m more involved in office work.

During those weeks, the mastermind groups are the place for a sense of community and belonging. To see that other people are struggling with the same things, to share with my groups what I have achieved and to get into big picture mode enables me to detach from my daily business for a moment and see things more clearly.


How to Set Up Your Mastermind Group

Scott Dinsmore has created an amazing workbook on creating mastermind groups and I applied his inputs for my own groups.

The most important thing I have found that makes the group successful is likeminded people. It’s crucial to have people in there who share your values, otherwise it’s likely to fail. People need to be on the same page because sometimes, very personal topics are shared. Everybody needs to feel secure in there to be able to share their fears and challenges.

Another great resource to read more on mastermind groups is Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. He declares it as one of the most important factors that made people like Dale Carnegie and Thomas Edison so successful.

Now it’s your time to set up a mastermind group. Get together with likeminded people who pursue the same goal as you pursue and launch your group now.


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