Seth Godin once said that “Your biggest failure is the thing you dreamed of contributing but didn’t find the guts to do.”

Yes, and I would add “Your biggest failure is who you dreamed of becoming but didn’t find the guts to become.” because going out there and changing the world requires us to be the highest version of ourselves.


I Don’t Know What My Dream Is

I spent some days in Miami and Fort Lauderdale at the end of February with some pretty amazing people at Awaken My Life.

One of the guys I met has been working on oil fields for low pay for many years. He came to the event to dramatically change his life and the life of his family.

The saddest thing to see was that his job had brainwashed all dreams out of him.

This is not our natural state. What happens if you ask a child “What’s your dream?” Do you think it will answer “I don’t know”? Certainly not. The child will probably come up with several dreams at once.

However, we adults get brainwashed to follow a path that society has laid out for us. Go to school, get good grades so you can find a good job and keep your head down while working up the corporate ladder.

What a waste.

It can take years to unbrainwash ourselves from this. Most people never even consider a different path.

Here are two ways to start dreaming again.

1. Get around people with big dreams and spend time with them

2. Spend time with kids and observe how they go about life


What I Know Is Right vs. What I Should Be Doing

There are always two options for every decision you make. You can either do what you know is right or you can do what you think you should be doing.

No matter if it’s choosing what color you pick for a dress or what ideas you pursue, you always have a choice.

Think about the last decision you made, what path did you take? Did you do what you knew was right or did you do what you thought you should be doing?

How much different would our lives be if we would constantly walk the path of “What I know is right”?

When I got fired from my corporate job at the end of 2012, I had a choice. I could take the safe path and pick one of the job offers on my table or I could decide not to, and see where this path would lead me.

I decided that I could no longer not do what I know is right.

Right now, ask yourself, “What do I truly want?” and then make a decision. We have a choice, we always do.


Nobody Will Ever Listen to You

At Awaken My Life at the end of February, JB Glossinger shared his story about how he started his business.

JB worked in corporate for many years, selling airplanes and working his way up the corporate ladder. However, before he reached the top, he realized that he was not pursuing his own dream but the dream of the company, his boss and the system.

In 2001, he was attending an event where he got inspired to follow his dream of becoming a professional public speaker. Excitedly, he came back home and shared his dream with his room mate. His room mate looked at him and said “Don’t be silly. You will never be able to do this. Who would listen to You?”

JB was discouraged and for some time, he put his dream on the back burner. However, he never forgot that he had a dream.

Pretty much all odds were against JB. He wrote his first book and miserably failed. He even had to sell his house. More failures followed after that.

It took him years to get off the ground and make a living from it. Today, Morningcoach has thousands of members and through JB’s events, public speaking, podcasts and mastermind groups, JB’s ventures are turning over millions of dollars and change people’s lives every day.

If JB would have given up at any point of this journey filled with obstacles, defeats and failures, none of the impact he has had on his community would be a reality today.

Of course, the challenges never go away. Challenges are part of the artist’s and entrepreneur’s journey. I would even argue that they are one of the most important ingredients.

Without challenges, we would not grow. Without failures, we would not know when we succeed.

If you have a dream that challenges the status quo, changes things and creates impact, and have the bravery to take that leap of faith to make it a reality, I would be honored to do everything in my power to help you get there bigger and faster. Let’s talk.


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