I recently did an interview with a good friend of mine, Paul McManus. Paul is an entrepreneur and former CEO and we talked about the power of challenge, accountability and connection.

I believe this is relevant to you because many entrepreneurs I know, including myself, regularly sell ourselves short.

Sometimes, we hide behind work that is comfortable, to escape the work that we are most afraid of.

However, we both know that magic never happens inside the comfort zone, it always happens outside. It happens when we go after the things we are afraid of, the things we know deep down, we want to do.


Paul and I talked about:

    • Why your business has to inspire you
    • How losing 150 pounds completely changed Paul’s life
    • The correlation between how much people pay and what results they get
    • The main reason why most people don’t follow through
    • The power of accountability and support
    • Why we need to be challenged in order to grow
    • Why surrounding yourself with inspiring and likeminded people is essential to reach highly ambitious goals (I created a list of 6 Mastermind Programs to Meet World-Changing Entrepreneurs for you)
    • How to set up a system that holds you accountable for achieving your biggest dreams
    • Why we all sometimes need a kick in the butt to make things happen
    • Why free peer-to-peer (mastermind) groups almost never work
    • Having a cost mindset vs. having an investment mindset
    • The Entrepreneur’s Hierarchy of Needs


Watch the video below.

Paul McManus is an optimal health and business coach for Take Shape for Life, a certified Book Yourself Solid coach, and founder of Heroic Health Coaching.

His life was transformed in July, 2013, when he made the decision to no longer allow himself to be morbidly obese and set out on an extraordinary journey that would see him lose 150 pounds over 17 months.

As he transformed himself, he discovered a passion for helping other professionals reach their next-level of success.

This led him in July, 2014, at the age of 38, to end his eleven-year career as CEO of his 107-year-old, family-owned office products company located in California.

Through his coaching programs, he now helps entrepreneurs and other busy professionals create a business and life that they truly love.

Download “6 Mastermind Programs to Meet World-Changing Entrepreneurs” here


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