I spent the last 2 weeks without email access on the beautiful island Zakynthos (Greek island) and it was an amazing experience. 

Most nights, we went out for dinner. One thing that I noticed during the evenings was that at almost every restaurant, there was somebody standing at the entrance and inviting people in. Due to the fact that almost every second building was a restaurant in that town, the invitations soon became annoying and felt like spam.

I noticed that almost every single restaurant promoted two things during the act of the invitation.


1. Low prices

2. The food menu


There is nothing wrong with promoting these two things. However, these two features are not the reason why I go out for dinner.

We booked a hotel including breakfast and dinner but still went out almost every night. Why? Because I like to spend a few hours with the people I love spending time with over dinner in a nice atmosphere and that is usually not available at these all-inclusive holiday hotels.

So the conclusion was that I actually go there for the atmosphere and the experience rather than because of low prices or a specific item on the menu. Therefore, I avoided the places that overly promoted these kinds of features and simply went to places my friends recommended.


Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

Molly Malone’s on Zakynthos is an Irish Pub that impressed me by being remarkable. I talked to the owner for a while and quickly realized why it’s remarkable. The drive comes from its owner, Costa, and his passion for the work he is doing.

Molly Malone’s did something fundamentally different from the other restaurants and bars.

Twice per week, Davy Lewis performed live at the pub. That alone attracted tons of people because he created the experience and atmosphere even if you were not in the pub yet as you could hear the fantastic music from the distance.

At the same time, two Irish guys were promoting the pub but in a different style than what I have seen before on this island. They were more doing theatric performance than simply promoting low prices or the menu items. 

One of them was fully dressed in a green suit with a large black hat and a beard and animated the kids in the crowd by running around the pub and doing funny performances.

This type of promotion is certainly not for everyone but the people the pub is targeting loves it and they come back regularly. A large portion of the pub’s customers were people who went to the pub at least once before and came back again and again.


Being Remarkable in Your Career

Now, I’m not just telling you this story to show you where I spent my holidays but mainly to make a point. If you want to be successful in your career, merely doing a great job is not enough. Find a way to be remarkable so next time you are looking for a career opportunity, you can show something that is exceptional and unique and not merely a menu item at the market rate.

You can do this in your current job or you can do it outside of it. 

Here are some examples to start with:

Start a blog and write about your knowledge, experience, opinion, worldview, how to do things or how you see the future of your industry.

Become a key player on the project at your company that is going to transform the industry. As Steve Jobs and Alan Kay said: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. Do whatever it takes to get your hands on that project and accomplish something that nobody has done before.

Find others who share your values and your passion and build something remarkable together, a legacy that has the potential to sustain for a very long time.

Get involved in something that you are so passionate about that you can hardly stop working on it. Gather other people who share that passion and lead them to create something magnificent.


Attitude vs. Skills

If I have the choice to hire an assistant with 20 years of experience with an OK attitude and an assistant with 5 years experience with an exceptional attitude, who do you think I will hire?

Skills are the mere basis that is required to do something but it’s not what hiring decision makers focus on most. Most people don’t fail in their jobs because of a lack of skills but because of a lack of attitude.

There is not only good and bad attitude but there is a different attitude needed at every single company. Apple, Google and Ebay may all seem amazing places to work at but they all require completely different attitudes.


Your Unique Attitude

You need to figure out what makes you unique, promote it in the right way and get in front of hiring decision makers to get access to career opportunities. 

What you stand for, what you believe and your passion makes you unique. Your skills merely make you good at doing tasks.


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