I started with my new LinkedREvolution class this week with 24 legendary business owners from all around the globe.

And there is something special I noticed that was different this time than any other time I ran a group program.

In the past, I have struggled to create engagement in the private community I created. Initially I thought this may be because there were not enough people in there.

I talked to lots of different people about creating more engagement and different strategies to do so. However, I never made it a priority because I somehow knew that it’s going to take care of itself.

Over the past week, something special happened in the private community I created for my clients.

There have been several people who actively start discussions, comment on each others post, support each other, share their wins and ask for feedback.

The most amazing thing, I have been away pretty much the whole week and did not check the group regularly. And when I checked it, I noticed that people were supporting each other without me even being in there.

So my big lesson learned this week is that engagement is not so much about a specific strategy but more about having people in the community who are natural givers and leaders. Because then, creating engagement becomes effortless.

So that leads to probably the most important question when it comes to creating engagement.

How can we attract more people who are natural givers & leaders into our communities and programs?

Here’s a really good article on that topic.

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