Grow Your Business with Strategic Partnerships

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Are you launching a new product and are trying to build joint venture partnerships to hit your revenue goals?
Or do you have an existing product and want to increase sales through alliance partnerships?
Or are you still unknown in your market and want to gain credibility and build a strong reputation?

It’s one thing to make a list of potential partners. The challenge is selecting the ones who are the best fit and are excited to do business with you. Because these 20% will generate 80% of your results.

You need to identify the partners who are looking for innovation rather than a long track record, especially if you are entering a new market. Partners with a rigid mindset are not going to cut it for you and your success.

Over the past two years, I have helped more than 200 leaders and entrepreneurs to build strategic relationships with partners, investors and key clients in order to grow their business.

What if you could identify and get partners on board who are already looking for you?

If this sounds like an effective approach to you, I’d love to have a Skype call to see if we are a good fit.

Your investment: CHF 2500 per month, for three months.

Set up a 30-minute Skype call to see if we are a good fit

DorothyDaniel is one of those rare, completely compelling and inspirational people. His Linkedin to Lunch strategies and methodologies are profound, easy to use and results driven.

His approach is flexible and can be applied by impact entrepreneurs seeking investment or business owners wanting spice up their business development processes.

I would strongly recommend that each impact entrepreneur takes Daniels advice to heart, as it is solid gold!

Dorothy Diedericks, Founder & CEO of BlueBlox GmbH

Ben"Before I started working with Daniel, I would reach out to potential clients with no strategic approach. I would just reach out and ask people to connect with the nebulous reason that we "may be of benefit to each other".

Working with Daniel, I learned a methodology to appeal to potential contacts at a deep fundamental level. It has greatly increased my contact rates and also led to more productive relationships post initial contact.

I enthusiastically recommend Daniel's services to anyone wanting to make high-level connections."

Benjamin Webster, Co-founder & Managing Director at OWLshares

Mel“Daniel is a supremely gifted “superpower” in his ability to connect professional people who share a passion to positively impact the world. After only two short conversations with him, he clearly understood the depth and complexities of my personal mission. 

Just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational man I would never have normally come across in my extensive network of professionals. 

We ‘clicked’ within the first few seconds of meeting on Skype! By the end of our conversation, both of us were fizzling with excitement about the endless possibilities of collaboration and expansion. 

To say I am delighted with the result is an understatement! In all honesty I am totally blown away – and filled with even more excitement as I know this is just the beginning."

Mel Carnegie, Founder & CEO of DeNA Light-Up



Richard Grauel“Daniel is a very experienced mentor and coach in his ability to connect entrepreneurs and investors who share a passion to positively impact the world. 

After only two short conversations with him, he clearly understood my personal vision and mission. Just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational entrepreneur I would never have normally come across in my extensive network. 

After a few meetings with this entrepreneur and conversations about his business venture it was clear that he and I shared the same values. Just few weeks later I decided that the time was right to make my first investment into his start-up. 

I would sincerely like to thank Daniel for connecting me and enabling me to live my dream as an entrepreneur and investor in a very exciting new business venture."

Richard Grauel, Impact Investor & Entrepreneur



Michael_Port_Outside"Daniel has the ability to make you envision your biggest future and then guide you to take strategic action to get there. 

If you want to take your business to the next level, Daniel is the guy to call."

Michael Port, NY Times best selling author of Book Yourself Solid

Henrik Essen (2015)Daniel's superpower of connecting people and helping people connect is simply magic. When you want to find new or better connections, look no further, Daniel can help you.

After a short conversation with him you will be astonished by his ability to help you connect with the “right people” that meet your needs."

Henrik Essen - CEO at Essen & Essen, Founder of Mental Mastery in Business ™

Michael Miller"Daniel is a business growth guru and one of the most kind-hearted people you'll meet. He has a gift for understanding roadblocks to your success and knows how to empower you to remove them.

You can tell within minutes of talking to him that he genuinely cares about you and your business. I'm extremely grateful to know Daniel and have his support."

Michael Miller - CEO & Executive Coach at The Vacation Never Ends

Carrie Powell"I have grown so much as an entrepreneur thanks to Daniel's ability to inspire me to think more creatively, dream big, and implement projects by taking the necessary steps to make them happen. 

He has great vision for expanding your ideas into a fleshed out, actionable plan.

Daniel is on a mission to spark huge positive change in this world by helping you see that perspective you're destined to follow."

Carrie Powell - Founder of Infocus Organizing

Chris Berry"Daniel has an amazing ability to inspire others with both lessons from his own amazing business growth plus distilling lessons he's learned from others.  

He has an uncanny knack for pushing just the right buttons in others to jumpstart entrepreneurial  explosion and breakthroughs.  

I consider myself lucky to have him in my corner.  He really is a secret weapon."

Chris Berry - CEO & Head Client Whisperer at Client Strategies

Taylor Jacobson"Daniel Jordi makes a difference in my life and business every single time I talk to him.

Very simply he is a kind person with a huge heart who also happens to be a brilliant business strategist. In my experience, he is able to add so much value because he listens so patiently and genuinely cares.

When you combine that amount of care and understanding with Daniel's arsenal of expertise, it's no wonder that his coaching has so much impact."

Taylor Jacobson - Executive & Leadership Coach at Teampossible

Rick Clemons"As an entrepreneur one of the things we most often forget is that we can’t do it all ourselves. While our vision is ours, the nuts and bolts to getting the work done takes a team.

Daniel is one of my team. He’s my challenger and makes me look deeper. He knows I’m successful and respects that, but challenges me to go further, faster, and with purposeful intention that is in alignment with my truest self."

Rick Clemons - CEO & Founder at The Gay Man's Life Coach

Clementina"Daniel's amazing super-power: he can cut through confusion with a single question that will stop you in your tracks, help you hone in on the issue that is truly at hand, and proceed in the direction of your dreams with confidence and clarity. 

To experience Daniel's energy is to be in the presence of a visionary leader who is simultaneously gifted and grounded in equal parts."

Clementina Esposito - Advancement Agent & Entrepreneur

Paul McManus“Daniel has a remarkable ability to inspire and guide others to go from talking about their dreams, to actually achieving them.” 

Paul McManus - CEO & Founder of The Healthy Entrepreneur

Akshay"Daniel has an exceptional ability to inspire, empower and teach entrepreneurs how to strategically grow their business.

His ability to help his clients define clear goals and implement actionable strategies to achieve them is outstanding, which is why his clients produce results.

Furthermore, he walks the walk by constantly applying his wisdom and skills to grow his own business."

Akshay Nanavati - Speaker, Success Coach and Explorer running across every country in the world

Janis"What we need are people who do things, who do not fear to take risks and who are actually interested to really change something. There are unfortunately only few of them and I was happy to meet one of those - Daniel.

Just a few weeks after I met him, he introduced me to an investor, who ended up investing into my venture."

Janis Leontidis, Founder & CEO at Virus Clothing Company

Eli David"Daniel is one of the rare people with whom you only need a few minutes of conversation to understand how valuable and effective his insights are and ability to connect you with relevant people. 

He seeks and creates value for everyone he meets by seeking win win connections, and I am very happy to have him as a mentor and friend. 

The Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist he introduced me to and their response to the connection was outstanding."

Eli David, Co-Founder & CEO at StartupBlink



Set up a 30-minute Skype call to see if we are a good fit