I recently had the chance to interview Sarah Thompson who is a very successful business consultant and advisor based in the US.

We talked about:

  • How Sarah grew her business 10x within 3 years
  • Going from a corporate job to freelance gigs to becoming a true entrepreneur
  • Going from trading time for money to trading value for money (Download 8 product ideas that allow you to stop trading time for money too)
  • Why the right mindset is essential
  • Building a thriving business with $80’000 in debt
  • The power of exclusively working with ideal clients
  • Exponentially growing a business while building ultimate quality of life
  • The importance of scheduling free time in your calendar
  • Splitting days into responsibilities to be ultra-focused


I created a list of 8 product ideas that allow you to stop trading time for money right now.

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Watch the interview below.


Sarah Thompson is the founder of More Money Mentoring, a program for owners of small businesses (under 10 employees) and of Thompson Business Solutions, a program for owners of medium sized businesses (between 10-100 employees).

Four years ago, though, she didn’t know what her life’s mission was. she didn’t really know much of anything except that she had hit rock bottom. Not only was she $80,000 in debt, she didn’t have a job. In fact, she had just gotten fired for the third time in two years because she despised what she was doing and who she was doing it for. She was exhausted, frustrated, stressed out, and emotionally bankrupt.

She had two choices: Go back to the corporate world (again) or start her own business. Although both options scared her, the first one literally made her stomach churn.

In her 15 years of corporate jobs, she had gained experience in things such as financial modeling, corporate finance and insurance, and operations and human resource management of small and medium sized businesses. So she put all that corporatey-stuff to use helping new clients.

That first year, she only made $20,000. It was rough but she didn’t give up. She couldn’t. The alternative was too awful to even consider. Her mantra during that period became, “DO. NOT. QUIT.” And her mission now is to INSPIRE clients so they will not only NOT QUIT, but they will transform their businesses and their lives.



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