I recently had the chance to interview Ralph Schonenbach, who is the CEO of Trestle Group in Switzerland and on the Board of Trestle Group Foundation.

Over the span of his career, he has established several successful consulting practices with a primary focus in the financial services industry and has advised high-level executives around the world on how to transform the way they manage and deliver services, as well as how to tackle the pressures brought about by resource constraints.

Through Trestle Group Foundation, he is passionately involved with providing support to both women and emerging entrepreneurs in developing countries. Ralph frequently speaks at conferences and has authored a variety of publications.

In the interview below, Ralph shares how he scaled Trestle Group from a small Swiss consulting business to an international advisory firm.




About Trestle Group

Trestle Group is an international advisory firm focused on helping companies design and implement strategies that maximize their potential. Areas of expertise include Sourcing & Business Excellence, Risk & Compliance.


About Trestle Group Foundation

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, upon a new model of nonprofit support, and guided by the belief that entrepreneurship fuels the engine that drives economic opportunity, growth and social progress, the Foundation’s mission is to empower and accelerate women entrepreneurs in emerging economies.


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