If you want to be highly successful in your career, it can only happen if you do something you truly enjoy from the heart. In any other case, you may still get to the top but will either burn out or realize too late that you have climbed the wrong ladder your entire life.


Are You a Factory Worker or an Innovator?

I believe that if you don’t do things you truly believe in and are passionate about in the near future, you will eventually be out of work no matter if you are an employee, freelancer or business owner.

Let me explain.

The world demands more and more customization instead of standardization. The industrial age is gone, a long time ago. We are living in the information and connection age, where creativity and innovation is needed more than ever before but our educational system still produces factory workers and factory managers. 

However, factories are no longer very profitable because we have reached the bottom of the price drop. We optimized what we could optimize, we standardized what we could standardize.

People want to buy products that are unique. People want services that are unique. More and more, people only want to buy from people they trust.

How did you decide which movie to watch last time you went to the cinema? How did you decide which employee to hire recently? Why did you buy the car that you drive now?

I bet it was either because of a friends recommendation or because you trusted the sales person or the brand.


What Has This to Do With Your Career? 

Well, pretty much everything.

If more and more unique organizations arise, more and more unique people are hired.

The problem is, your experience and education does not make you unique, it actually makes you “another accountant” or “another CIO”.


What Makes You Unique Then? 

Your core inner driving force, your passion, your core motivation, your Why or whatever you want to call it.

This is something that no other human being on the planet has in the same form as you have. Also, pursuing something you love and communicating with passion creates trust and since more and more people only hire people they trust, it’s certainly a good thing.

This is why I put so much effort on the Why-How-What statement when I work with coaching clients.


Who Will be Hired in 2023?

I strongly believe that in a few years you will only be able to find work, freelance projects or clients for your business if you do something you truly believe in with passion.

This is why I believe that startups with passionate founders and networks of free agents will change old fashioned industries and the way we work, just like Apple and Starbucks did (Somehow ironic since I am writing this while being at Starbucks on my MacBook Air). 

Only people who bring their passion to work perform at their highest level. And since today’s world no longer requires us to merely be present at work, passion becomes a major ingredient in order for innovation and creativity to happen.

Most large corporations are still trying to fill boxes when they hire instead of trying to hire passionate and unique individuals. If you look at the market, you can see that this no longer works.

For years, large corporations have not been the main drivers for new jobs, innovation and growth. The startups that nobody noticed in the beginning are the drivers of our economy, responsible for growth and much needed change.

Startups and innovative small companies are hiring differently. They can’t fill a box because first, no box exists and second, if the new hire fails because she does not fit into the company culture, it can have a massive impact on the entire organization.

This is where an incredibly innovative approach to hiring people comes in that existed for thousands of years but we forgot about it: Talking to people.


Joining a Startup vs. Joining a Big Corporation

I have worked in one of the largest companies in the world for 5 years and I never liked the corporate structures. I know many people feel the same way since most of my coaching clients are either coming from the startup world or want to join it because they are tired of corporate.

Every now and then I get to talk to somebody who is working in a large corporation which lost it’s Why a long time ago. Sometimes I run into an argument with them because they tell me that startups are risky and that they need the international environment and the large scales of signature projects.

First of all, startups are not riskier to join than large corporations these days if we talk about job security. Actually, I believe it’s the opposite if you choose one whose vision matches your personal values.

Second, if we talk about signature projects and you would have joined Google 10 years ago and would be the person responsible for Gmail, how much of a signature project would that be?


Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

I recently watched a TED talk from Larry Smith and I think it fits pretty well into this topic. You can watch the video here.




Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I want to quote Steve Jobs in his famous speech at Stanford University “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. You have to keep looking for your passion and then create a career where you get to do something you truly believe in and love every day.

To make this easier for you, I recently wrote about 3 Tools to Help You Discover Your Passion.



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