Master Your Career

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe, you ought to set up a life you don't need to escape from."
-Seth Godin

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Is your current career not giving you the fulfillment that you aspire to?
Is the organization you are working with not aligned with your values?
Are you not loving Mondays as much as you want to?

Do you want to have a career where you get to challenge the status quo and make a real difference
Do you want to do work that actually matters to you instead of sitting in corporate meetings all day long?
Do you want to wake up every day, inspired to go to work with people who energize you?

To be truly fulfilled in your career, a few things need to be in place. You need to do something you love, something that aligns with your values and work with people and organizations who energize & inspire you.
Most importantly, you need to do something that makes a difference, something that is impactful and something you deeply believe in.

I’m here to help you turn your passion, strengths & experience into a thriving career.

Maybe you want to work at an organization that truly aligns with your values.
Or maybe you are relocating to Switzerland and want to use this new start to create a career on your terms.

Whatever your situation is, if you want to have a deeply fulfilling & thriving career, so you get to wake up every day, inspired to go to work, it's inevitable that you do work you love with people & organizations who inspire you.

Is This For You?

If you are looking for a job where you get to mindlessly follow instructions, don’t have to take any risk and do what you are told, this is not the right place for you. Go back to Google for more help.

However, if you want to make a difference through your work, challenge the status quo and do something remarkable, this is where you belong. Keep reading.

I have helped executives and business leaders from across the world including Switzerland, United States, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Yemen, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina and counting, to turn their passion, strengths & experience into a thriving career.

Now it’s your turn to decide where you want to take your career and life.


“Meeting Daniel has completely reshaped the way I look at the job market and, more importantly, at relationships. His passion and dedication to his work make him a great catalyst for motivating people who want to understand how to navigate today’s marketplace and stand out from the crowd by leveraging their personality over their skills.

I can certainly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.”

Gianpiero Ginepro – Milan, Italy

Slava Jeff“Daniel’s coaching was the final drop which shaped my decision to leave my corporate career and pursue my passion. He helped me decide once and for all to stop wasting time on pointless interviews for positions I do not actually want and focus on my vision.

Thank you for reinforcing my decision to follow my own path.”

Slava Jefremov - London, UK

Marcy“Daniel has a service-minded approach toward his fellow human beings; working with him was an incredible and rewarding journey.

He helped me understand the possibilities that abound in all of my thoughts and actions; the capacity to act, the power in building genuine relationships and tapping the real potential within me. He laid strong emphasis on following the heart and listening to the inner voice (to borrow his phrase “the gut feeling”).

Therefore, he facilitated me to acquire a belief in myself, to move forward through finding my “passion, strengths and experience” that only I know my path and nobody can force theirs on me.”

Marcy Willig - Zurich, Switzerland

Alex Katsiolas“Daniel introduces a contemporary approach towards career change and career advancement, that goes beyond traditional methods. His methodic and consistent guidance, along with his commitment and passion, proves valuable to anyone who wants to understand how things work in today’s marketplace, what is important and what’s not. I valued his input and advise very much. 

I strongly recommend Daniel’s coaching to anyone who wants to take his career path to the next level.” 

Alex Katsiolas – Zurich, Switzerland

Aurelien"Daniel's Networking Program is a fast-tracked one, turning his Vision into Action. With this in your toolbox, networking becomes easy and efficient if you take the necessary action.

The one thing that has helped a lot in my situation is: Define who you are and what you want to do, specifically, and in a few words. If it's consistent with yourself, it makes building relationships with Decision Makers much easier.

It's been great to go through such good work on creating links and establishing relationships. Very good experience to sum up, keep it up Daniel, your work and inspiration are amazing!"

Aurelien Lair - Bern, Switzerland

Igor Karpatchev“Daniel is a reputable coach with personal attitude to individual questions and specific requests.

He gives good attention to details as well as makes necessary generalizations to help understand the “big picture”. 

Would not hesitate to work with Daniel again and highly recommend him as career coach and consultant.” 

Igor Karpatchev – Geneva, Switzerland