In September and October 2015, I went on a 6 week long trip through the United States with no email access.

It was a dream come true because it was my fiancee’s and my Christmas gift, to her parents and my parents, to go on that trip together. They had never been to the US before and always said “We’re too old to travel now” so they would probably never have given themselves that gift.

The trip itself was outstanding and because I was completely off the grid, there were no distractions. I would sometimes just sit in the car, look outside the window and go like “Wow, did you see that? Did you see this?”.

I was literally fascinated by absolutely everything. I felt like a kid again.


Conscious Living

We often walk through life without really being in the moment. We just let life pass by.

What’s the point of living if we don’t consciously live?

This week, I just came back from another two week “disconnect with the world & re-connect with myself” trip with no email access.

These time-outs give me the energy to go all-in when I am back to business and they give me the time and space to re-connect with myself.

When was the last time you did not check your emails for an entire week?

When was the last time you did not check your phone for an entire day?


One of the most powerful videos I’ve ever seen on this topic is “Look Up From Your Phone”. Watch it below.

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