Welcome to week 4 of the job search program. This week will all be about job applications in Switzerland and how you can significantly increase your chances for an interview when you apply for jobs.

You can find all videos of week 4 below including links to references and homework assignments.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you prepare all questions before the next coaching or Q&A session so you have them ready to ask.


4.0 Introduction to Job Applications


4.1 Optimizing Your CV for Switzerland


4.2 Tuning Your CV to Increase Chance for Interviews

Examples for CV Tuning


4.3 Perfecting Your Cover Letter


4.4 References and Recommendations


4.5 Diplomas and Certificates


4.6 4 Reasons Why You Need to Call Before You Apply

4.7 Calling the Hiring Manager

Example Phone Calls Hiring Manager 


4.8 Calling HR

Example Phone Call HR 

General and Specific Questions


4.9. Calling the Recruiter


4.10 Following up After You Have Sent Your Application

Application Follow up Example 


4.11 Companies That Match Your Background

4 Example Cases of Companies That Match Your Background 


4.12 Find Companies That Match Your Background

Joint Chambers of Commerce 


4.13 Homework Assignments Week 4


IMPORTANT: Make sure you prepare all questions before the next coaching or Q&A session so you have them ready to ask. 


Here are the homework assignments once again:

1. Optimize Your CV for Switzerland

Use the standards mentioned in the video to optimize your CV for Switzerland to make sure you receive more positive feedbacks.


2. Find Companies That Match Your Background

Google for companies with similar cultural background as you have. Find companies expanding to your home country or organizations in Switzerland that have roots in your home country. This will make connecting and applying for you much easier and will significantly increase your chances to work in Switzerland.


3. Apply Principles When Applying for a Job

Before you apply for a job, call. Tune your CV and cover letter to what you discovered in the phone call. After you applied for a job call again to follow up. Keep following up until you have the job or get rejected. The ball is always on your side. If you follow these principles, your chances for interviews increase significantly.


4. Keep Making New Contacts

This is a homework assignment that will follow you until you have a job and hopefully also after that.