Welcome to week 3 of the job search program for Switzerland. This week will be about optimizing your online presences, recruiters and obtaining relevant information for your job search.

You can find all the videos and reference material below.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you prepare all questions before the next coaching or Q&A session so you have them ready to ask.


3.0 5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Online Profile



3.1 How Recruiters Search



3.2 7 Steps to Defining Your Keywords



3.2.1 Keyword Analysis Live Demo


3.3 4 Reasons Why You Should Have an Optimized LinkedIn Profile



3.4 Analyzing Your Competition



3.4.1 Analyzing Your Competition Live Demo



3.5 Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile



3.5.1 Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile 4 Examples



3.6 Testing and Adjusting



3.7 Why You Should Have a Monster CV



3.7.1 Setup and Optimize Your Monster CV



3.8 An Introduction to Experteer



3.9 Why You Should Set up Google Alerts



3.9.1 Setting up Google Alerts Live Demo



3.10 When to NOT Work With Recruiters



3.11 How to Get Interviews With Recruiters



3.12 Homework Assignments Week 3



IMPORTANT: Make sure you prepare all questions before the next coaching or Q&A session so you have them ready to ask. 


Here are your homework assignments once again:

1.  Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Go through the entire process step by step to make sure you pick the right keyword phrase and optimize your LinkedIn profile accordingly.


2. Create and Complete Your Monster Profile Incl. CV

Set up your Monster profile and add your CV with all details. Make sure your CV is keyword rich and contains your target keywords to make sure you rank high when recruiters are searching for your skills.


3. Create Experteer Profile if Suitable for You

If you are an Executive or Manager and willing to pay premium to have an Experteer profile, I suggest you use it for your job search in Switzerland. Otherwise I would not bother with it.


4. Set up Google Alerts

To get relevant information about companies and people you are targeting, set up Google Alerts to provide you with those.


5. Reach Out to Recruiters

Apply what you learned to reach out to relevant recruiters and try to get a meeting or at least a phone call. Tell them exactly what you are looking for (Your Ideal Job) and how that relates to your experience. Remember, most recruiters are mainly interested in the WHAT.


6. Make New Contacts

Take the KPI list from week 2 at hand and make sure you at least fulfill these minimum numbers. The more real contacts you make and the more you ask the networking question, the faster you get momentum. I recommend to make at least 20-50 new contacts every week (Applications, online contracts, face to face meetings, phone calls, etc.)