Most ChangeMaker Entrepreneurs and Investors I talk to share their biggest challenge with me.

ChangeMaker Entrepreneurs: Finding the “right” investor or partner.

ChangeMaker Investors: Finding the “right” entrepreneur to invest in.

I recently wrote about what “the right people” means here.

In a nutshell, it means individuals who connect based on a shared set of values and a similar vision for the future. All business can then be built on top of that.

So to make it as easy for you as possible to find Impact Investors and Partners, I compiled a list of events where you can meet them.

If you are looking for more places to meet investors or partners, download this list of 240+ places around the world.



Impact Days

Why does a group of investors hold an annual conference?

Pymwymic (Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community) is Europe’s largest community of impact investors. For 21 years, the Pymwymic group of families, philanthropists, and individual investors have invested capital & resources into hundreds of for-profit companies creating positive social & environmental impact.


Impact Investing & Microfinance Conference

The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry in association with LuxFLAG, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is pleased to announce the Impact Investing & Microfinance Conference!

The Conference offers keynote speeches, case studies and panel discussions. Bringing together investors, practitioners and researchers from around the world, the conference is designed to offer the impact financing and microfinance community a unique platform to foster knowledge sharing and exchange experiences.


Impact Boot Camp

This Boot Camp will bring together impact investors and experienced scholars in impact measurement. It will feature five interactive workshops in which impact investors will learn how to build a strategy for impact, identify more reliable impact measures and methods, use existing evidence to inform investment decisions, and strategically manage a portfolio for maximum impact.


TBLI Conference Nordic 2015

The 1.5 day program addresses topics for investors and finance professionals striving to better align profits with impact, addressing all asset classes. On the agenda are 14 sessions, including workshops on impact investing trends, faith-based investing and impact measurement as well as ESG integration, fixed income markets or investing in green infrastructure and urban development. Reflecting the shift we are witnessing in the philanthropic space, we also dedicate sessions to trends in venture philanthropy and program related investing.


TBLI Conference Europe 2015

The largest and longest-running event in our series – TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE – is returning to Zurich in 2015. We are excited to be welcoming you at the Gottfried Duttweiler Institut in Zurich.

The conference offers an extensive program addressing the latest trends in ESG and Impact Investing across asset classes. You will also find ample opportunity to network with like-minded investors and new business partners. We invite you to share your ideas, challenges and solutions and to learn about innovation and investment opportunities.


PFC Conference

Welcome to the fifth PfC Conference in Oslo on social innovation. Join us for two inspiring days when leaders and innovators from all sectors of society present and discuss efficient solutions for a sustainable future.

In plenary sessions, seminars and work-shops you will hear of new policies, international trends and concrete examples of change. We strive to be an arena for learning and sharing and welcome participants from all parts of society.


Social Investment: A Guide to Social Finance

This roundtable will look at the other side of the coin—more and more social finance vehicles, funds and intermediaries are being developed for non-profits to scale up their activities. But who can guide non-profits through this process effectively? What are the challenges in scaling up for greater impact? Is it solely a challenge in the availability of suitable capital, or are there other factors at play? What processes must an organisation develop to ensure that it is investment-ready?

The panel and the audience will discuss:

  • Examples of entrepreneurialism in the non-profit sector
  • Case studies of organisations who have already begun or completed the process of acquiring social finance
  • Challenges of scaling impact
  • Innovations in planning to scale-up for impact
  • The importance of intermediaries in the social investment market
  • Social enterprise, governance and charity law


Philantropy: Visions and Energy for Change

Closely paralleling the EXPO theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, our conference in 2015, entitled “Philanthropy: Visions and Energy for Change”, will not only embrace the challenge of the sustainable development of our planet but will go beyond to also focus on youth, corporate engagement in social equality and community resilience.


Nexus Europe Youth Summit

Connecting the financial, intellectual, creative and social capital of our generation in an action-oriented, solutions-focused and safe space, the Nexus Europe Youth Summit aims to inspire learning and collaboration between a uniquely powerful network of peers.

A varied and interactive programme of panels, workshops and social activities will explore philanthropy, impact investing and social entrepreneurship as well as the challenges of wealth stewardship, family dynamics, strategies for investing and attracting investment, and more. Sessions will cover a range of social and environmental issues.


EVPA Training Academy

For a third year in a row EVPA launches its Training Academy course: ‘VP in practice: the fundamental toolkit’ – the course for those seeking to understand the Venture Philanthropy (VP) and Social Investment (SI). Taught by practitioners and academics, it is an interactive training programme balancing theory with unique and practice based learnings.

Attending the training means you will walk away with a solid understanding of:

  • The different investment models within VP and SI
  • Ways to manage and measure social impact
  • The how and what of exit strategy
  • Best practices in board management and conflict resolution
  • How to provide non-financial support to Social Purpose Organisations (SPO)


Global Impact Forum

The Global Impact Forum is a two-day partnering event with a uniquely forward-looking and outcomes-orientated design. The forum presents exceptional social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to an audience of potential partners. Connections are facilitated by an efficient online system that allows attendees to screen potential partners and pre-arrange one-to-one meetings. Carefully curated presentations, high-level speakers and an exciting mix of participants make attending the Global Impact Forum a powerful experience.


Legatum Institute

The Legatum Institute is an international think tank and educational charity focused on promoting prosperity. We do this by researching our core themes of revitalising capitalism and democracy. The Legatum Prosperity Index™, our signature publication, ranks 142 countries in terms of wealth and wellbeing.

Through research programmes including Vision of Capitalism, The Culture of Prosperity, Transitions Forum, and the Economics of Prosperity, the Institute seeks to understand what drives and restrains national success and individual flourishing. The Institute co-publishes with Foreign Policy magazine, the Democracy Lab, whose on-the-ground journalists report on political transitions around the world.




Impact Investing Conference

From portfolio analysis to powerful stories of social change, Impact Investing is an event that will challenge you to think, collaborate, and better plan a future for your business – and us all.

You’ll be given the tools to attract and retain assets as well as appeal to millennial investors with a new investment approach.


Investing for Impact: A Personal Journey

This three-hour evening event is designed to maximize networking and small group engagement. We will focus on exploring the notion of Investing forImpact from a personal perspective. Participants will share their stories—what motivates you, how you are consciously directing investment capital for positive impact, what is needed to help you move to the next level…

There are a wide range of investment strategies available to investors and investment professionals that can produce a financial return and have a positive impact. In New York, we will facilitate a conversation around how money impacts our world, and how investors can consciously direct the flow of investment capital for positive impact. Plan to join us!



PartnerConnect is an “events of events” which combines several branded conferences under one roof. It’s a three ring circus, all of it focused on private markets, where attendees constantly cross–pollinate, as they freely move from one event to the next. Whether your focus is on Private Equity, Venture & Growth Capital, Real Assets, or Growth Equity, you’ll find more insight and connections here than any conference you’ll attend all year.

If you are a fund manager, institutional investor or intermediary in the private equity, venture and growth capital, or real asset space, PartnerConnect presents networking and idea generation opportunities not found at other conferences.
With more than 2500 attendees in 2014, over 600 LPs, and over 1500 private 1:1 meetings in our meetings program, PartnerConnect Events are an experience like no other.



SOCAP15 is building off a SOLD-OUT 2014 EVENT that gathered 2,200+ innovators representing 60+ countries. If you’re committed to enriching your own social impact knowledge, career, projects & networks while helping to build the momentum of a global movement don’t miss SOCAP15.


SRI Conference

The SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (formerly SRI in the Rockies) is the premier annual gathering of investors and investment professionals investing for positive impact—for a truly sustainable future.


Stanford Social Innocation Review Events

Stanford Social Innovation Review is an award-winning magazine and website that covers cross-sector solutions to global problems. SSIR is written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors who view collaboration as key to solving environmental, social, and economic justice issues. Published at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, SSIR bridges academic theory and practice with ideas about achieving social change. SSIR covers a wide range of subjects, from microfinance and green businesses to social networks and human rights. Its aim is both to inform and to inspire.


The Learning Conference 2015

We all want to know if our efforts are making a difference and how we can improve our work over time. Often,we are not getting the most from evaluation because it is done in isolation from grantees, communities and others, and too few grantmakers are sharing what they’re learning. The Learning Conference 2015 is designed for grantmakers who recognize that learning in partnership with others leads to better results. Participants will explore ways to engage with peers in designing and implementing evaluation and learning approaches that generate stronger information, decisions and performance.





The Wild, Wild Why will draw 600 leaders in community philanthropy together from every corner of the country, and around the world, to explore the most fundamental question about our work: why?

Our journey will kick-start new conversations and connections about the nature and purpose of our collective work – in a city that’s showed the entire country what it means to pull together and work toward a common goal.

We’ll have everything you’ve come to expect from CFC’s conferences – and a few surprises to boot. Whether you’re new to community philanthropy or an old hand, you’ll find something to suit your tastes.



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