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Maybe you have hundreds or even thousands of LinkedIn connections. Great.

But how many of them actually do business with you?

I often encounter entrepreneurs who have collected thousands of LinkedIn connections but never do any business with them.

With this article, I want to change that.

I have worked with countless clients over the past years on their messaging and communication skills. I helped them create messages that convert.

However, this is not about hard-selling anyone or spamming your network with generic messages. This is about making human connections in an authentic way and being of service.

Let’s say you work as a business coach and your target market is CEOs of SME businesses in education. And let’s say you are connected to one of those CEOs named Steven. You did some research on Steven and discovered his TEDx talk as well as a few articles on LinkedIn he has written about the challenges of growing a young company.

Then you could say something like this:


“Hi Steven, I came across you a few months ago and have been inspired by the talk you gave at TEDxZurich last year. Your perspective on the fact that the education system is not living up to the expectations and that we need to change something deeply resonated with me. I believe that children around the world must have the opportunity to learn in a way that feels natural to them.

I understand how challenging it is to lead a growing company and have to make important decisions every day. It’s tough to see the big picture vision of the company while you’re involved in the day-to-day business, especially for a fairly young and fast growing company.

Over the past years, I have helped different CEOs of growing organizations make big decisions faster, based on their intuition instead of their analytical thinking. Because of this change, they have earned more loyalty and trust from their team, have dramatically increased their productivity and avoided fatal mistakes that could have cost the company millions.

If you are interested, I’d love to talk to you about how to use a simple daily practice these CEOs have used to make big decisions faster. How about we set up a Skype call in the coming weeks?”


Here are four steps you can use to craft messages that convert.


1. Be Selective

Not everybody in your LinkedIn connections is a potential client. And not every potential client is ideal.

In order to craft powerful messages, you need to be selective about who you choose to reach out to.

First, make sure you only select people in your target market. So if your target market is CEOs of educational companies, don’t approach the Head of Finance at a logistics company.

Then, go through each contact in your chosen target market and do some research on them.

What do they say in their LinkedIn summary? What are they talking about in their LinkedIn articles? See if they have given speeches or interviews, or if they have published a book.

Look for anything that resonates with you. This usually shows up in communication that expresses their beliefs and perspectives.

In the example message above, it’s the TEDx talk Steven gave where he talked about his perspective on education.

Once you have selected 5-10 people you want to contact and who resonate with you, move on to the next step.


2. Understand Their Needs & Desires

In order to write messages that get a positive response, you need to understand their pain points and what they desire.

In Steven’s example, the pain is the difficulty of making the right decision and keeping the big picture in sight.

What Steven wants is to make major decisions faster and make the right decisions.

I talked about creating an ideal avatar where you dig deep into your ideal client’s needs and desires here.

If you don’t know your avatar’s needs and desires, you won’t be able to get their attention, much less their interest.


3. Present Your Solution

Now that you know their pain and what they desire, you can present your solution which will move them away from pain and towards what they desire.

In Steven’s case, it’s making big decisions faster. However, it doesn’t stop there.

In the message above, you also mention what kinds of benefits come from making bid decisions faster.

However, it doesn’t say, “I will solve your problems and help you increase profits and revenues”. You share experiences from working with similar clients and therefore, don’t put that sales pressure on the conversation. You simply state a fact.


4. Call to Action

If you want somebody to do something, ask for it.

Most LinkedIn messages I receive have no call to action at all. They usually just end with “Looking forward to hearing from you”.

If you want to have a meeting with somebody, ask for it. If you want to have a Skype call, ask for it. If you want somebody to click a link, tell them to click that link.

The call to action to Steven is not perfect. It could include different dates and times to make it easier for him to say yes. However, this may sometimes be too aggressive, depending on how well you know somebody.

What’s especially neat about the call to action from the message above is that it leads to a conversation with the CEO in order to figure out “How” he can make big decisions faster.

This means the conversation will be about coming up with a plan to do so, and what better way is there to have sales conversations that simply demonstrate your expertise.

This way, you don’t have to sell anything in the conversation and can simply create value for the CEO and if he likes what he sees, you can ask if he wants help implementing it.


In the coming weeks, I will launch LinkedEvolution. This online training will teach you how to use LinkedIn to create a never-ending stream of ideal clients coming your way by becoming the go-to expert in your market.

Sign up for pre-launch access here to be the first who gets notified when doors open.



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