Imagine what would happen if some of the biggest names in your industry would actively endorse you and tell their audience how awesome you and your business is.

What do you think this would do for your credibility and authority in the market?

I had the chance to interview Kai Christen, who is the founder of the Lifestyle Design Convention in Zurich.

In the interview, Kai shared how he was able to get endorsed by some of the world’s most influential bloggers and why they agreed to speak at the Lifestyle Design Convention at not cost, even though they could get paid tens of thousands of dollars for speaking engagements.

Even before these bloggers got on stage at the LDC in 2015, they actively endorsed him and the Convention and shared it with their hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Can you imagine what this did for Kai’s credibility and visibility?

Watch the interview with Kai below.




About Kai Christen

Kai Christen is a Trainer and Coach in Leadership, Sales and Communication who coached over 2’000 people in the last 3 years. He is currently teaching the “Visionary Leadership”-course at the University of Lucerne.

Kai’s passion project is the Lifestyle Design Convention, a place where people come together who want more out of their lives. The LDC is a yearly conference in Zurich who hosts the most successful coaches, entrepreneurs and digital nomads around the world, all dedicated to share their knowledge through inspiring talks.


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