Do you want to change jobs or career in Switzerland and want to work with inspiring organizations?
Or are you looking to relocate to Switzerland and want to make sure your choice of organization is the right one?

I have worked with many executives over the past years and helped them develop their career in Switzerland into a direction that is both fulfilling and profitable.

Looking at the ones that were most successful in their quest for career excellence, I have noticed there are some common success factors. The ones that are highly successful in their career today, which to me means fulfillment and financial success, have decided to settle for no less than awesome. They were determined to go out there and only engage with the greatest organizations of all, the ones that make change.

Let me show you in this article what a world-class job means and how you can greatly increase your odds to get one of those in Switzerland.


What a World-Class Executive Job Does NOT Look Like

Let me first explain what I am not talking about here, just to set the expectations right. Too many people just settle for good or O.K. One of my clients called this the “corporate golden cage”.

These are usually fairly well-paid executive jobs where you get to sit in meetings all day long, debating about corporate politics and at the end of the day, wondering what you have achieved. If, after 5 years in that job, you get asked what you have done during all that time, the only reasonable thing that comes to your mind is “sending and receiving emails”.

I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been in such a career for years.

These are not world-class executive jobs by my definition. These are energy-draining, mind-numbing and unfulfilling time-wasters.

If you intend to tell your grand-kids about all the emails you have sent and received and the countless corporate meetings you wasted time in, then go ahead and choose that career.

However, I imagine if you are still reading at this point, that’s not what you really want.


What a World-Class Executive Job Does Look Like

The leaders who are drawn towards world-class jobs by my definition, rarely see them as jobs. They see them more as a mission and an expression of themselves. They see them as a way to make a dent in the universe, make change and challenge the status quo.

These jobs rarely exist in the traditional corporate world of large, only-for-profit organizations. They tend to thrive in startup environments, fast growing SMEs or organizations of any size with a strong sense of Why. These tend to be organizations where the CEO is the person who started the business and where corporate politics are shunned.

These jobs offer an opportunity to make change happen. Actually, the purpose of these roles is creation, innovation and growth.

If you intend to tell your grand-kids about all the remarkable things you have created, the change that happens in the world because of your work and the inspiring stories about trust, loyalty and doing the impossible, then this might be the right track for you.


What World-Class Organizations Are Looking for

Since you now know what these jobs look like, let me tell you about what these inspiring organizations are looking for.

Skills and experience can be found in an instant, cheap and in masses. They have become commodities and this is not what great organizations are looking for. Sure, you have to be skilled and have to have experience to some extent but this is not why they hire you.

In fact, you are measured against yourself. These organizations want to see your unique self. That’s why they hire you. It’s your personality they are looking for.

They want to know what your inner drive is and if it’s aligned with the organization’s values and vision. They are looking for your Why and if that is aligned with their Why.

They know that if they hire leaders for their skills, they will work for a paycheck. However, if they hire leaders who align with their vision of the future, they will work with sweat and tears for the higher cause.

These organizations are less interested in your MBA. They want to know if you are doing what you do for the same reasons they do it.

These organizations want you to tell them about the future, not the past. They want to see what future you intend for their organization, the industry or even the world. The more self-expressed and bold you are, the better.


How World-Class Organizations Hire Leaders

In order to find the leaders who align with their values and vision, they are recruiting profoundly different from the average corporation.

They know that running ads online is the best way to find cheap skills and hire a piece of paper. They also know that in order to find leaders that align with their vision and values, the most effective way is to talk to other leaders they already know who align with their Why.

They know the chances to find a why-driven leader through existing connections is much higher than screening 100s of strangers and wasting days in the process.

Remember, these organizations have no intention to waste their leaders’ time with corporate politics or broken hiring processes.

When there is a new role coming up at such an organization, the job is never available to the public. If you don’t have the relationships with the CEO or other leaders at that organization, you will never know about these world-class opportunities.


How to Initiate Contact With Leaders of Inspiring Organizations

I want to share two recent examples where I initiated contact with two CEOs of organizations that inspire me.

The first one is the CEO of a fast growing management consulting firm in Zurich with around 50 employees. He is also the CEO of a non-profit foundation that I believe in.

I wanted to meet him at some point and hear his story about how he has built his change-making ventures. So I reached out to him, just like I help my clients to, in an authentic and non-pushy way.

I sent him a message that sounded something like:

“Hi Michael

I just wanted to congratulate you to what you have built with your venture and sincerely wanted to thank you for making the world a better place. 

We need more leaders like you who are doing what they love while making a difference.

I am committed to “help those who help others”. I hope we have the chance to meet in the near future in Zurich for coffee or lunch because I would love to hear about your vision and support you in any way I can.

Wish you a wonderful and sunny week.



His response was very short:

“Hi Daniel, thanks for the kind words. Let me know when you are free in the coming weeks and let’s meet in Zurich”


The second person is the CEO and founder of an international consulting & coaching business. She has built and sold several multimillion Euro businesses in the past and is now working with high-performing entrepreneurs and executives to help them grow their business.

She engaged in one of my LinkedIn group discussions and after looking at her profile, I knew I wanted to meet her so I reached out:

“Hi Maya

Very happy to be connected. Just read your story and it’s very inspiring. I find myself in there again. Getting fired 2 years ago and building a business now, based on a very strong belief and vision of a future that I want to create.

I do what I do because I believe everyone is meant to do meaningful work they love with people who inspire them. I want to create a future where people work with each other based on shared values and passion. I work towards a future where 80% of people love what they do and get to wake up inspired to go to work, not the other way around.

I wish you a wonderful week! Speak soon.”


Her response was fairly surprising, given her celebrity status.

“Hi Daniel

Love Love Love what you are doing… so authentic (there is that word again), and way to go. 

I am sure your success is coming through and Switzerland is DEFINTELY the place to be. 

Are you from Basel, or where are you from?  I have several customers from Basel, and travel there periodically so might be a chance to meet.”


How to Find World-Class Organizations

In order to find these inspiring organizations, you need to know what values and vision they possess. Once you know that, you need to define a specific target market to figure out where to find them.

These are the first 2 steps in the Communication Excellence Workbook that you can download here.


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