Have you ever wondered if there was a way to build your business without having to push, push, push, and instead, could let things be pulled towards you?

So often, we find ourselves in this rush to achieve the goals that we set and to accomplish the projects on our table.

I recently had a great conversation with Melanie Pledger, CEO and founder of DeNA Light-Up, about the difference between a business and an “isness”.

We talked about a new way of doing business, away from pushing to make things happen, towards having opportunities come to you.

Watch the video below.


Melanie Pledger (formerly Mel Carnegie) is a Leadership Trainer, Motivational Coach and Published Author.

Mel is passionate, straight talking and committed to being the best that she can be. She is the founder of a successful leadership development company. She is also a survivor. Her experiences have all played a part in strengthening her spirit, making her determined to share her story so that it may help others. Mel shared her story in her breath-taking biography “I’m Still Standing”.

Mel works as a leadership and change development coach, forming her own company DeNA Light-Up; described as life-changing work that is reigniting the world of business and personal development. Light-Up is a whole new approach to coaching, distilled from the very best of proven development tools to create the purest essence of self actualisation.

A beacon of hope for all with so much to give, Mel is an absolute inspiration and her life mission remains true; to reignite the world one person at a time.


Since I did the Light Up with Mel myself, many things have changed. The biggest change is the way I talk to myself. I no longer make myself small and put myself in a weak position.

My gremlins have become my heroes and I speak to myself in a very powerful and empowered way.

This has dramatically improved my level of confidence and led to a lot more clarity about my path. Other people notice this in a big way and people I used to “look up to” now see me as an equal leader, because I am.

Light Up has activated something inside of me that I have been hiding because I used to be afraid of my own success. Now, I have removed myself as the obstacle.

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