I just finished an interview with one of my coaching clients who shared her story with me how she got 4 job interviews, 3 in Switzerland and 1 in Germany. I will publish her interview next Monday morning and if you are signed up for email updates at jordico.com, you will receive it directly into your inbox. 

She inspired me to write this blog post about my story how I went from doing an unfulfilling job to doing work I love and putting a dent in the universe.


What is Your Passion?

Everything starts with that question. If you hate your current job, that’s great because then you have a strong motivation to change your career. If you absolutely love what you do every single day at the core of your heart, that is fantastic too since you already found what lights you on fire every single day. 

The worst thing that can happen to you is if you sorts of like what you do. If you are working in a job that is well paid with good benefits, stable income, low risk of getting fired and no major changes ahead, you are in the worst places of all.

If you hate what you do, changing career is not so difficult since the motivation to change is clear. If you merely like your job, many times there is a lack of motivation for a change to strive for the best that you deserve.

Why would you leave a secure job with a good salary where most days are ok and only some days are bad? Why would you risk anything?


The Story of My Unfulfilling Career

I was in that spot for quite some time. I worked in recruitment for almost 8 years in different roles, doing different work. I started as a recruiter and worked my way up to managing two regions of the IT division at a Fortune 500 HR company in Switzerland. I was well paid, had a company car, very few changes and great benefits.

I was always doing ok and my friends told me that I am really making it in my career since I was only 26 years old and already managing two teams with budgets in the millions.

Most of the time, I felt just ok and was mainly looking forward to the weekends or the lunches and dinners with clients since that was the thing I enjoyed the most in my job. I was happy with what I had achieved but it never fulfilled me.


How I Went From Liking My Job to Doing Work I Love

In December 2012, I was forced to leave the company and had to rethink my entire career. I did not want to get back into a job since I knew that being employed was never what I wanted. I always wanted to create my own destiny and have nobody tell me “We don’t have the budget”, “Maybe next year” or “Let me talk to the senior management about this and get back to you”. 

In December 2012, I just started working with my first few clients at jordico.com and did not really know if this business will be able to support me. However, I was truly enjoying what I did at the core of my heart since everything I communicated was truly what I believed in. This did not change the slightest bit since then. 

The business took off very quickly and jordico.com is now a major source of information and inspiration for international talents who seek a job in Switzerland. 

Along the way, I got invited to speak at events, host workshops and seminars, partner with other businesses and work with some of the most amazing people I have ever met and being fortunate enough to call them my coaching clients.


Going From Liking Your Job to Doing Work You Love

When I ask people “Do you love your job?”, I mostly either hear a sentence that starts with “Well, …” or they tell me they really “like” their job.

Sometimes I ask people “If all of your expenses would be covered, no matter how much you spend, without having to work in a job, how would your day, week and month look like?”. 

Most of those people do not tell me that they would keep doing what they do now.

Some people say, “I would build my own non-profit organization to help…”, others say “I don’t know”.

Why is what you currently do, not the thing you would do if you did not have to work for money?

There are plenty of people out there, doing work they love and therefore changing the world. They have the same amount of time as you have, most of them grew up in a poor or middle-class family, most of them are not more intelligent than you are and certainly, most of them do not have a Masters or PhD degree. 

Why are these people spending their time doing work they love and you don’t?


Keep Looking

If you are in the same situation as I was a few years ago, I urge you to develop your plan B. Look for the things that really enlighten you and fire you up.

Make sure you don’t look back at your life when you are 85 years old and say “Oh my god, I think I wasted the major part of my life doing meaningless work with people I did not like”

What is the thing that you can talk about day and night? What happens during those days where you get up in the morning before your alarm clock rings and you can’t wait to start the day?

You may not have fully experienced what you truly love doing yet. Experimenting will get you there. Try new things. Explore as many of your interests as possible. Start with the simple and doable things and then work your way towards trying the crazy stuff.

If you look out there in the world and do some research on how people earn their living, you can find absolutely everything. If you think your passion is not a valid career or business, you simply did not think hard enough and did not do enough research. 

I believe that absolutely every passion imaginable can be transformed into paid work. Sometimes the answer is obvious and sometimes you need to look very far and dig very deep. 

The main question you need to ask yourself is: How can I provide insane value for other people through my passion? This is the crossroad between doing what you love and having a target market that is willing to pay for what you have to offer.


How to Live Off Your Passion

I recently went through an online program called Live Off Your Passion from Scott Dinsmore and I decided to partner up with him because we share very similar values and a vision. We both want to help people do work they love with other passionate and likeminded people.

If you want to find a way to Live Off Your Passion, I highly recommend you join his program


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