I will never forget that day.

It was Tuesday afternoon, 30st October 2012. I was supposed to be at business school but the weather was just simply too gorgeous to sit in a class and listen to a professor talking about some theoretical concept that may have worked 20 years ago but has nothing to do with real business today. So I decided that my time was better spent sitting at Starbucks, writing blog posts and getting a tan.

Then, suddenly, my phone rang. I picked up and a German gentleman introduced himself.

He thanked me for the great value that I provide in my blog posts. I was stunned because I never expected that somebody would call me and thank me for writing blog posts.

Anyway, he started to tell me a little more about himself. He mentioned that he is an IT executive, working in Zurich, looking to change jobs and wanted my advice.

He continued and asked me how much I charge and if we can get together for two hours the next week so he can ask me some questions.

I had absolutely no idea what to say because I never thought about doing this as a business, so I told him that I will email him with an offer and some possible dates and times to meet.

I put together an email with the times I could meet him and sent him an offer for CHF 250.- for two hours of him asking me questions.

I have never consulted in this niche before so I thought I was probably asking for too much money but I had nothing to lose. To my surprise, he told me that it was a very fair price.


How My First Client Found Me

On 4th September 2012, I launched my blog with only two buttons in the menu, “home” and “about”. That was it. I never intended to create a business out of it. I simply wanted to share my insights and ideas into building relationships and personal branding with the world and that’s what I did.

Within the first 4 weeks after my launch (Maybe launch is the wrong word because nobody actually knew that I launched) I had over 6000 visitors on my website. This completely blew my expectations.

I had zero visitors from Google, all my traffic came from LinkedIn. I shared my blog posts in relevant LinkedIn groups and people started to share them like crazy.

Through one of these LinkedIn groups, my client noticed my blog posts, read one after the other and contacted me.


Why My First Client Hired Me

About a week after the initial contact, I met with my first client. We had a great start and he asked me plenty of questions. We had some deep discussions about building relationships, reaching out to decision makers and how to become well known in a specific field. It did not feel the slightest bit like work to me.

Then, some time during the conversation, my client asked me:


My client: “Daniel, do you know why I hired you?”

Me: “Sure, because I have lots of experience in recruitment, building relationships and personal branding.”

My client: “No, that’s what I hired you for. Why I hired you is because you believe what I believe. I hired you because you see the world from the same point of view as I do.”

Me: *Speechless*

Me again with eyes wide open: “You just made me realize something.”


This was the eye-opening moment where I realized why my clients really hire me. It’s the same reason why people hire you. Because you share very similar values and beliefs.


How to Write Blog Posts That Attract Ideal Clients

I think the key to write blog posts that attract ideal clients is to actually not think about that. Let me explain. 

When I think about what to write in my blog posts that could attract clients or how I could persuade the readers that my services are great, I write lousy blog posts.

When I think about how I could put together a piece of writing that the readers can either take, implement and see an immediately result or that inspires them to take action on something they already know, I write brilliant content.

I see this happen every time I start writing a blog post or write down a topic. The only difference is the mindset.

Another important aspect about writing blog posts that attract ideal clients is how much personality you put into it. If it’s a cold, impersonal manual, it has the potential to attract non-ideal readers and clients. 

However, if you put as much of your personality as possible into your content, it acts like a filtration system.

Ideal clients will love it, share it, tell their friends about it, comment and email you.

Non-ideal clients won’t get it and move on. That’s the goal if you want to only work with people who inspire you and therefore love what you do.


How to Use This Formula for All Personal Branding

You can use this formula in your blog posts, twitter updates, LinkedIn profile, phone and face to face conversations and simply every time you communicate with another human being.

Put as much personality into your communication, be bold and self-expressed.

Give your opinion, tell people about what you believe in and what you don’t. Bring your passion into your communication and let others feel that.

Always remember, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Thanks to Simon Sinek for pointing this out and opening my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.


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