How do you get out of your corporate job and follow a path that you know is right for you?
How do you create a career that is aligned with your values, vision and passion?
How do you overcome the fear of failure to pursue your ideal career?

I have had the chance to interview Christophe Bellenot on how he completely changed his career into something that makes him come alive.

Christophe had been working in a corporate job for many years in manufacturing, managing plants and employees until about two years ago.

Today, he is a published author and will soon finish his second book on wildlife conservation.

In the interview with Christophe, we talk about:

  • How he made the shift from corporate middle-manager to published author
  • The defining moment that made him change his career and life
  • How he found his business partner to publish his book
  • How he combined his passion and talents to become an author
  • How he became a published author without any prior experience in writing books
  • The 3 major things that got him from his corporate career to publishing books
  • Why having a vision for what you want to achieve is crucial to create a career on your terms
  • How to make any change happen in your life by linking pain to not changing

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