I believe every human on earth deserves to love Mondays.

In order to love Mondays, you have to do something you are passionate about. Something that affects other people in a positive way. Something that you believe in. Something that earns you enough income so you can enjoy the things you value most in life.

In order to achieve all these things, you need to know what you are passionate about and what your values are. You need to know what you believe in.

In order to know these things, you need to ask yourself questions about what makes you feel excited, valued, grateful, alive, energized, inspired and happy.


Start Connecting With People 

After knowing what makes you most fulfilled, you need to explore what paths there are and which one is most appealing to you.

Maybe helping people to overcome their fear of public speaking is the most fulfilling thing for you. Maybe it’s helping people to build confidence in themselves. Maybe it’s protecting endangered animal species.

No matter what it is, you need to explore what others have done already. Find people who are doing what you want to do and talk to them about how they got started, why they do what they do and get inspired from their stories. Let them help you expand your view of what’s possible.

Go to events where you meet them. Connect with them on their blogs and on LinkedIn. Write on their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter, not to bother them with silly questions but to get to know them. Watch their speeches on Youtube. Read their books. Go to their seminars and workshops.

Find out what interests them. Research what they are most passionate about and how you can create value for them.

Join communities of likeminded people. Build a network of people you want to have in your life.

I received an email from a coaching & mentoring client last week that I want to share with you here. It shows what the most important part of the journey is.

“My life was enriched through meeting new people including yourself. I’ve also learned a lot about Switzerland & the Swiss startup scene, but these personal contacts with people I have so much in common with were the most valuable part of that experience.

I’m deeply grateful for all the insights, advice and contacts you have shared with me. Thank you!”


Start Building Your Personal Brand

Start writing and talking about the topics that fascinate you the most.

Start a blog, a podcast, create videos, give speeches. Select the medium that is most appealing to you and start creating content about what you believe in, your opinion, your insights and your expertise.

Then share it with likeminded people you want to have in your life.

Start building your own LinkedIn group or Ning community and invite people you love spending time with.

Create a red velvet rope policy and only let people in that you want to have in your life. Be rigorous, don’t let people into your community or life who drag you down or drain your energy. You deserve better.


Grow Your Personal Brand

Start hosting your own events. Start small.

Throw a party with 10 or 20 people who believe in the same cause as you do. If people are spread all over the world, host an online party on Twitter, Skype or Google+. Get together, share ideas, have fun and provide massive value for your attendees.

Over time, invite the people you look up to to speak at your events. Do an interview with them and share it with your community. Invite them to speak at one of your online webinars.

Become the host, the facilitator and bring more people together who believe in what you believe. Create your own version of a World Domination Summit or TEDx.


Become Famous and Attract Big Opportunities

Eventually, over time, you become more and more popular amongst the people you want to have in your life. You attract opportunities from all sides. The people in your community see that you are serious about the things you say and do. They see you as a leader.

Before you know it, you get invitations to write guest articles, give speeches, host seminars and workshops. You even start to get inquiries if you can help the members of your tribe with coaching or mentoring. 

You get offers from organizations who want to work with you because they believe you are the right match in terms of values and vision. You start to get offers from the people you look up to, to partner up with them on certain products or services.

Eventually the most influential people in your market start to approach you to create a joint venture with them.

You know why all these things happen?

It’s because over time, you have become a peer among the most influential people in your market. You are one of them.

You know what else happened over time?

You have become a celebrity and are well known by the people you truly want to have in your life. They look up to you for leadership and you have the unique opportunity to recruit more leaders for your tribe and build something significant that changes the world.


When Are You Starting?

The right time to start was yesterday. Too late. How about today?

There is always another excuse why we can’t start today (I have used all of them) and that’s exactly why today is the best day to start. Not tomorrow, today.

Fire up your Evernote or whatever you use to take notes and start writing now. Start brainstorming now. 

What do you really want to do with the rest of your life?


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