One of my favorite blogs on the web is from Scott Dinsmore. I follow his work now for almost two years now and it’s mind blowing what he has put together.

Scott and I have a very similar vision and mission. We want to help people do work they love.

I believe the world would look very different if most people would actually do what they love and what they believe in. The world would be a much better place because more people would do something that has an impact.


The Creed of Living Legends

Not long ago, Scott and his legendary community created a wonderful manifesto that he calls “The Creed of Living Legends”. It’s one of those things that completely resonate with me and I want to share it with you today.

It has become my own creed and desktop background so I constantly get reminded about what really matters.




1. Live With Passion

I believe this statement is at the top for a reason. It is where everything starts. If you have a burning passion for what you do, good things fall into place.

I lived with much passion for the weekends and vacation for a long time but did not have any passion for my work. Then, everything changed when I started this blog.

I went into business for myself and now, it would be almost impossible for me to go back into employment. I finally get to do what I believe in and what I am most passionate about.

Helping others becoming alive and creating a career around their passion and what they believe in is the most rewarding thing for me to do. I get to work with people who start something that matters to them, something that has an impact and something that makes them come alive.

Finding your passion can be a tough and stony path. It took me a very long time until I discovered my passion.

Scott’s course on Live Off Your Passion has helped me a ton to discover what really matters to me and to forge the relationships to make it happen.


2. Know Who You Are & Be Authentic

This is incredibly important if you want to work with people who inspire you. Once again, it took me quite a while to get to know who I am and I am still figuring out new things every day.

It’s less of a goal to get to know who you are and more of a process that never ends. Development and change is a constant.

The way I figured out who I am is by being as authentic, self expressed and bold as possible and then listen to feedback from people I trust.

If you constantly communicate in the most authentic way possible, you attract likeminded & passionate people and push the people away who only give you headaches. I believe this is a brilliant marketing or self-promotion strategy, it definitely works well for me.

How can you get to know who you are? How can you be authentic?

Start a blog that matters and share your thoughts, insights, beliefs, opinion and passion with the people you want to have in your live.

That’s exactly how I started. I did not start jordico as a business but simply as a platform to share all of the points mentioned above with the intention of helping people find and do work that matters to them.


3. Help People

If you intend to do work you love, this component is crucial. I believe there is a direct correlation between helping people and being fulfilled. I know for a fact that it’s true.

Every time I see a coaching & mentoring client get involved with something they believe in and that truly matters to them, I feel incredibly alive. This is the biggest paycheck I can imagine.

Ask yourself, how does your job or business affect people in a positive way? How much value does it create for others?

Look at the banking industry. I think it’s time for a big revolution there. You could be the one to start it.

No matter in which sector you work, if you base your work around the idea of helping people, you have the chance for a very bright future ahead.


4. Have An Impact

This is a big one. If you do something for impact, you gather people around you with a similar vision. If you and your clients work towards the same bigger picture, you suddenly stop thinking about how to sell more or how to get more leads into the funnel. 

You start to think about how you can build and cultivate a community of raving fans and supporters for your shared bigger cause. This is very powerful, for you and for your community.

Before thinking about how you can sell more, increase your fees or introduce some more services, stop for a moment and ask yourself the most important question in any situation. Why? 

Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Why does your business exist? Why did you get into this career? Why do you get up every morning?

And if your answers are lame or don’t make sense (ask two highly supportive friends to listen to you), re-think your work.

I constantly remind myself about why I do what I do. I do it because I believe the world would be a much better place if most people would love what they do and truly believe in it. This is what fuels me.

What’s your Why?


5. Choose Your Friends Wisely

I can’t overstate the importance of this point. A few years ago, I was in a crisis. I had many so-called friends but more and more I realized that we had almost nothing in common. We shared few values and even fewer interests.

When I analyzed my network of friends, I realized that 90% were not really what I would call true friends. It was not their fault, it was mine. I chose to hang out with them.

So I changed my environment dramatically. It was a very difficult decision but I believe without that tough step, I would not be where I am today.

I stopped reaching out to most of them. Because they had about as much interest in staying in touch with me as I had with them, we grew more distant and I got to know new people. 

I based these new friendships on shared values and interests and chose my friends very wisely.

I have much fewer people who I call friends now but the difference is that these few people would never let me fail and I do everything in my power to help them succeed.

This eventually led me to get to know the most wonderful girl I have ever known that I truly love from the bottom of my heart.

What people do you currently surround yourself with? Are these friendships based on true values and strong interests? Or are they only based on the fact that you went to school together or work together?

What kinds of people would you have in your life if you could choose? More specifically, who would you like to get to know better because you believe what they believe?


6. Do Something That Matters

I would even add, “Do Something That Matters to You”.

What I did in my previous jobs never really mattered to me. I did it for the money. I did it for the status but never because I truly believed it in.

Now, I exclusively do things that matter to me. I simply can’t do anything else anymore.

I can’t write a blog post that may generate tons of visitors but that I don’t believe in. I can’t promote a product or a service that I don’t 100% believe in. It’s physically impossible for me.

What matters to you? What would you do if you could do anything in the world?

Share it in the comments below.




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