I believe connecting with powerful people is one of the most important skills of an entrepreneur who builds something remarkable. Powerful people can be investors, influencers, decision makers and even mentors.

Throughout my career, connecting with powerful people has always been part of my work. Today, it’s the most important part of what I do and help my clients do as well.

I explored this topic with a friend of mine, Perry Gladstone, who is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, mentor to high-achievers and one of the most relaxed guys I know.


We talked about:

  • The Connection Circle as a Framework to Connect with Powerful People
  • The Importance of Mastermind Groups to Meet Powerful People
  • Why Becoming Super You is Essential to Meeting Super People
  • How Powerful Connectors Communicate
  • Why Some Ideas Attract Powerful People While Others Don’t
  • Getting Invited to Speak at TEDx





You can learn more about Perry Gladstone here.

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