Make More Impact by Having More Influence
Daniel Jordi

I work with Visionary Serial Entrepreneurs to build their global influence.

They are usually in the process of raising their next big investment round (Series A, Impact Funds, etc.) or to bring large, global strategic partners on board. Sometimes they need to navigate around political boundaries or get buy-in from policy makers.

We work on getting the biggest decision makers & influencers in your field on board to become your ambassadors. This will open doors you were unable to reach before and give you access to all resources & capabilities you need to accelerate your global expansion.

In order for high profile people to join your mission, we need to design a vehicle they are inspired to become part of.

Sometimes that's an elite Advisory Board, like Richard Bransons' "The Elders". Sometimes these are exclusive Roundtable Exchanges, like the CEO Collaboration Day I have built up. Sometimes this is an interview series, like The Aligned Leader Show we run.

Then we go out and recruit these high profile leaders for these opportunities. We do this through multiple channels, depending on what the fact sheet of each person tells us works for them.
The channels can range from social media campaigns to direct outreach to networking to interviews to events.

Once we have the right people on board, we need to make sure they become your greatest spokespeople. So we need to engage them emotionally to feel truly part of your venture and contribute their time, networks, power and influence.

We do this through multiple channels including progress updates, roundtable gatherings and board meetings. The more they feel part of your venture, the more they will contribute.
This is an ongoing process because their contribution is in direct correlation with how engaged they feel.

If we both decide this is a journey we want to embark on, we draft an agreement and get together in a full day workshop to kick this off.


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"My original intent was very tactical. How should I set up my email DRIP campaigns? How should I cold call to bring in new sales prospects? What evolved in our coaching relationship, however, was something I never in a million years would have predicted.

Daniel's natural intuition, ability to read people and the metaphrases they use and his thoughtful and inspiring line of questioning allowed me to look deep within myself and to anchor to feelings and ideas that I was not in touch with. I began to explore my thoughts around time scarcity and my personal vision and motivations.

From our conversations, I began the most fantastical spiritual journey and followed my compulsion to write a book, The Healthcare Heretic: Leadership for Disruptive Change. I wrote and published this book in the span of 2 months.

Today I am not controlled by my work schedule, but instead I control my day. I focus on the things that provide me with the most energy and excitement and value for my company.

All the tactical items I was originally stressing about have taken care of themselves. Life has taken on a whole new dimension for me."

Natalie Yeadon - Managing Director at Impetus Digital

“Daniel has been in charge of building our Board of Directors for the Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland.
Because of the people we have on the board now, we literally have access to more than 50’000 high level contacts, including entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, corporate innovators, governments as well as NGO leaders.
This enables us to build this organization more strategically and effectively than we ever could have without that board."

Marcel Gasser - Serial Entrepreneur & Managing Director GEN Switzerland

“Daniel is a very experienced mentor and coach in his ability to connect entrepreneurs and investors who share a passion to positively impact the world.

After only two short conversations with him, he clearly understood my personal vision and mission. Just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational entrepreneur I would never have normally come across in my extensive network.

After a few meetings with this entrepreneur and conversations about his business venture it was clear that he and I shared the same values. Just few weeks later I decided that the time was right to make my first investment into his start-up.

I would sincerely like to thank Daniel for connecting me and enabling me to live my dream as an entrepreneur and investor in a very exciting new business venture."

Richard Grauel - Impact Investor & Entrepreneur

"Before I started working with Daniel, I would reach out to potential clients with no strategic approach. I would just reach out and ask people to connect with the nebulous reason that we "may be of benefit to each other".

Working with Daniel, I learned a methodology to appeal to potential contacts at a deep fundamental level. It has greatly increased my contact rates and also led to more productive relationships post initial contact.

I enthusiastically recommend Daniel's services to anyone wanting to make high-level connections."

Benjamin Webster - Co-founder & Managing Director at OWLshares

"We engaged with Daniel on a partnership development training where he coached our 16 global Country Managers to give them the foundation and strategies for making connections and building partnerships with key companies in our market in a simple, direct and personal way.

Daniel was able to bring invaluable experience and insights because of his background and daily work in business development as well as coaching and training.

Within just two weeks after the training, new partnerships in several countries have already been initiated.“

Michel Jenal - Area Manager Switzerland at ESL Education

"What we need are people who do things, who do not fear to take risks and who are actually interested to really change something. There are unfortunately only few of them and I was happy to meet one of those - Daniel.

Just a few weeks after I met him, he introduced me to an investor, who ended up investing into my venture."


Janis Leontidis - Founder & CEO at Virus Clothing Company

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