It was 7:21am, Friday morning, 9000 meters above the ground, just crossing the border from Switzerland to Germany on my flight to Berlin. Even though I’m not a particular fan of easyjet, I chose to use them because the flight times were perfect for me.


As I was listening to the Stewardess’ speech about safety regulations, charity donations and the announcement that they will walk through the airplane to sell drinks and food, I noticed something. The Stewardess was doing her job, but barely. You could hear that every word she said is read from a script with no emotions whatsoever. There was not even a difference in tone and you could never guess where a sentence started or where it ended. I bet a computer could have put more emotions into reading that script.



What would change if passion was involved?

Let’s for a second think about how the whole experience would change if the Stewardess did her job with passion and that it would actually fulfill her. She has probably read that script a thousand times and will read it a thousand times more, why not making it fun? What if she would smile and use a little humor when she mentions what is on the drinks and food list?

How about something like this?


I can’t remember which flight it was but I’m fairly sure it was a Swiss Airline flight I took a few months ago. I will never forget this pilot. He had lots of humor and he even told a quick joke, before he announced the weather at the destination, which perfectly fitted into that spot. It made me smile and when I looked around the airplane this morning, smiles were desperately needed.



What impact could a passionate Stewardess or even a whole team of passionate Stewardesses have?

First of all, I think they would be much happier with their jobs and smile much more (not those fake smiles). Also they would treat customer requests with a much more personal and kind approach. This will eventually raise the customer experience and spread the word, especially because it is so rare at airlines. 

I don’t know about you but I would be more than happy to pay CHF 50.- more for a european flight to have at least some customer service and a flight crew that makes me smile.



What about your job?

I simply used this example because I experienced it this morning. It’s not just the case with airlines but they make a great example.

What about other jobs like sales representatives, project managers or executives? I believe if you can bring your passion into a job, everything changes. You can be more fulfilled, do a better job, have a bigger impact and feel good at the end of the day. 

Do you know these days, when you come home and you have absolutely no clue what you achieved today? I know those days and they usually happen to me when I’m doing just busy work but nothing that I can be passionate about.



How to make work exciting again

Can you remember the day you started in your current job? How did you feel? Were you excited? This usually happens with new things. New is exciting and interesting.

Can you change something in your job that will excite you? Try out some new technique or reorganize your work? If you can do anything that will bring back this initial excitement, maybe a spark of passion will evolve from it.

If you do a lot of presentations, why not try something new that will make it more fun and useful for your audience. Bullet points are boring and so old-fashioned. I recently used Prezi for most of my presentations and it has been a lot more fun than ever before. I even like putting the presentation together now.



How to bring your passion to work

One step further, if you can bring your passion to work and implement it in your daily business, this will have a huge impact. Let me give you an example.

If you are a software developer and your passion is to coach and advise people, start doing this with your project team or other members of the company. Find a junior developer in your organization who would like to be mentored or coached and offer your help. This way everybody wins, the junior get support from an experienced professional and you can build your coaching skills and do something you love. Therefore you will be happier in what you do and become a more valued member of the organization which could eventually mean higher salary, promotion and other opportunities to develop your career.


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