Many people underestimate the power of LinkedIn. Most people only leverage a tiny fraction of LinkedIn’s potential.

Through this article I want to help you change that. I want to help you use LinkedIn in the most powerful way to build your personal brand and a reputation as an expert in your field so you create awareness from potential hiring managers or clients.


The LinkedIn Profile

The first thing you need to work on is your LinkedIn profile. This needs to be highly optimized so you show up at the top when people are looking for what you provide. It also needs to look so appealing that people can hardly resist from reaching out to you.

In my coaching & mentoring program, I have an entire module dedicated to this topic. In over 1 hour of training videos, I show you step by step how to analyze the market to find your keywords, how to optimize your profile and make it so appealing that people have no choice but to reach out to you.

However, LinkedIn is only the first step to becoming an authority in your field through LinkedIn.


Why You Must be Very Active on LinkedIn

Simply having a LinkedIn profile does not do so much for you. Maybe it attracts a few visitors but to get into the circle of the influencers and authorities and to get access to the best opportunities and clients, you need a high level of activity.

There are several ways to brand yourself as an authority. Let me share some of the ones I use on a daily basis for myself and my business.


Sharing Highly Relevant Articles

Whenever I come across a great article about something that fascinates me, I share it with my LinkedIn network. I know that if it fascinates me, it’s likely that many people in my network will also benefit from it.

Some broad topics are leadership, career development, entrepreneurship and passion.

It does not take a lot of time for me to do this since I simply share them whenever I come across such an article. From time to time I receive emails with links to information that is inspiring for me so I share these resources as well.


Sharing Quotes from Leaders

Something that I do quite often is sharing quotes from leaders. Some of the leaders I love to quote are Simon Sinek, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Scott Dinsmore. There are many more but these are the most frequent ones.

Sharing quotes is one of the things that attracts the most reaction. Many people like it and share it (I explain later what this does for you).

I almost never add a link when I share a quote since my intention is to evoke a discussion rather than having people click somewhere. 


Sharing Pictures

Sometimes I come across amazing pictures that literally say more than 1000 words. I always share them with my network.

Pictures that make people think, inspire or awake emotions are the best medium I found by now to initiate discussions, likes and shares.


My Statistics

I usually receive up to 10 likes, share and comments on articles I share with my network on LinkedIn and plenty of action on my blow.

For quotes, this goes up to 20 shares and likes and for pictures with the factors mentioned before, it goes up to 50 sometimes.

When I talk about statistics here, I am only talking about what happens on LinkedIn, not with an entire blog post.


What Sharing Does for You

Now, let’s talk about what you get from sharing and being active. I already mentioned the likes, shares and comments. Your goal is to get as many of them as possible and when you get comments, to join the conversation.

Think for a moment what happens when somebody likes your status update, no matter if it’s an article, a picture or simply something you say.

By liking your update, everybody in the person’s network who liked your update can see it now. That means your 2nd level connections can see what you publish. If they then also like it, your 3rd level connections can also see what you communicate.

This is an incredibly effective way to build your network on LinkedIn. Some of the people who see your update will add you as a connection on LinkedIn after visiting your profile if you have done a great job with optimizing it.


How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile Views

If you are a premium member, you can see who visited your profile on LinkedIn. You then only need to see which people you would like to have in your network and send them a simple personal message and add them as a connection.

Make sure you keep in touch with them after you added them to your network.


How to Leverage LinkedIn Groups

Another great way to brand yourself as an authority is to join the conversation or initiate it in highly targeted groups.

If you are looking for an IT career in Switzerland, join the relevant groups and start a conversation. Talk about something that people actually care about and be interesting.

Join the conversation where you can add value with your knowledge, feedback or opinion.

If you are looking for clients in the lifestyle industry in Switzerland, join these groups and do the same.

Then, when people visit your profile, see who interests you and initiate a relationship.


Have a System in Place

I usually share something throughout all my social profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, 5-6 times a day.

Since we all have limited time and it’s not really something I want to do all day, I have a system in place so it takes me less than 20 minutes per week to keep this activity going.

I use SproutSocial to queue everything I want to share for weeks in advance. If I want to share something immediately, I can still do this next to the 5-6 things I share already every day.

Thanks to SproutSocial’s Google Chrome plugin, it takes me two clicks to share something across all my social profiles.


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