Here’s the thing.

When we fully embrace ourselves, we go through a massive change and change is painful.

It’s like changing where you live from one side of the forrest to the other side of the forrest. Where you lived until now was comfortable, nice with some sunshine and some rain.

Now, you have decided to live on the other side of the forest where true happiness, joy, fulfillment, meaning and your legacy lives.

In order to get to the other side, you need to cross the forest full of wild animals, scary dark places and things you don’t even know about.

Taking that path is always scary but once we wake up, there is no going back.

You called this change into existence for a reason and you know this is you. And you decided to embrace that.

If this is where your fuel energy is coming from, that’s the path to follow. My coach always says “Get back to ecstasy.”

Nobody gave Elon Musk permission to start Tesla. And nobody gave Richard Branson permission to launch Virgin and all of its brands.

Most people did not believe in them for a long time. Many people still don’t. Some never will.

That’s OK.

You are the center of your universe. When you believe, one other person will believe in you. And then another one and then another one.

Most people will never get it and that’s OK. Some people still believe the earth is flat today…

Being truly alive means feeling all sides of the spectrum. Ecstasy and pain. Removing the layers can be painful.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Seth Godin that goes along well with this.

“At the end of a project, the end of the day, and the end of the game, you can look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that at least you got to dance.”

That’s what I believe life is really about.

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