Would you like to connect with business leaders in your industry or profession in a way that manifests your name as an expert in your field in their heads?

This week I had the honor of doing an interview with Galina Belyaeva. She is the founder and owner at galinabelyaeva.com where she helps immigrant women with inspiration and resources to build their businesses, establish communities and do much more.

She has successfully built relationships with countless authorities from different fields and even a Hollywood coach by using the approach you can find in the video. She also received a job offer that way.

She was also so kind to provide her email template that she uses to reach out to these business leaders and some sample questions while using this unconventional approach. You can find it at the end of this blog post.

I hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends and colleagues to inspire them to build meaningful relationships.

(If you are reading this in an email, you can watch the video here)



Interview Request Template

“Dear X,

I was looking for coaches for social entrepreneurs and found your website!

I would like to request a Skype interview with you to talk about your definition of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and a non profit. Also it would be great if you could give a few tips on starting out as a social entrepreneur.

My project is Inspiration and Resources for Immigrant Women. It’s a website for minority/ immigrant/ refugee women and it’s also evolving into a platform where I interview the founders of organizations and communities that serve these women. I also started interviewing people who can provide free tips or affordable software to these organizations. Here are the recent interviews I’ve done:

How to make an affordable app for your non profit or charity (interview with Christopher Brereton)

How to create jobs for immigrant women in the US (interview with Reema Khan from Shapes Brow Bar)

Food incubator for minority/ low-income women (interview with Caleb Zigas)

Free accent reduction apps for immigrants (interview with a Hollywood coach Claudette Roche)

Human rights of Roma women (interview with Katalin Barsony)

How to create jobs for women in Africa (interview with Johanna Higgs from Project Monma)

Hope you can make it!

Thank you,



Sample Questions (my questions for Christopher Brereton from Picture Healing)

Who does Picture Healing serve?

Why did you decide to focus specifically on helping non-profits?

Why do non-profits/ individuals need an app? What solutions do the apps provide?

What do the nonprofits need to have to launch an app? 

How much does it cost for your clients to make apps?

Do you charge commission for transactions of your clients?

What makes you passionate about life and your cause?


Your Turn to Take Action

What unconventional strategies or approaches do you use to build your network? Let me know in the comments below this blog post.


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