We used to dream of having a steady career for 40 years during which we got married, had kids, bought a nice car and a house somewhere close to the city.

Employment used to be lucrative compared to what other options were available. It was very hard for a middle manager to start a business because of the massive financial investment required. Of course, that time is over.

We no longer live in the industrial age. We no longer have job security. It’s now a myth.

I would even argue that having a single salary is the most risky way to earn a living. It means to be dependable on one single income stream and have zero control over it.

We no longer have a guaranteed promotion every few years if we keep our heads down and work hard. Those were the old rules and they are retired.

We no longer have to obey corporate rules that are based on a broken system. Or like Seth Godin said “You don’t have to want what the system wants you to want”. We have other options.

One of these options is to go into business for ourselves. That’s a path that many people have chosen and more and more are choosing every day.


Never Been Easier to Start a Business

It’s never been easier to start a business than today from a resource standpoint. We don’t need millions in capital, hundreds of factory workers and a 100-page business plan to start a business.

We can declare business ownership today and make our first sale today. We can sell our knowledge, uniqueness, influence or become a broker of information and potentially earn millions with almost no financial investment.

Thousands of businesses have been started with close to zero financial resources over the past decade and some have grown into multi-million dollar businesses.

Two examples are Jeff Walker and Michael Port who have built significant ventures by starting out with simply selling their ideas and knowledge. Jeff’s business is called Internet Alchemy which basically means that he creates something out of nothing.


Never Been Easier Not to Start a Business

I have yet to meet the person who tells me “I would never ever want to be my own boss if I could not fail”.

However, so many people have such a comfortable life today that there is not much pressure. The worst spot to be in is “OK”. If we have an “OK” life, we’re not likely to make a massive change because our back is not against the wall.

Many of my clients had to first experience a life-changing event before they were fully committed to making a change. In some cases it has been a burnout, a loss of a family member or loss of a job. If I would not have been fired, I don’t know if I would be here today, writing to you.

Starting a business may be easier than ever from a resource perspective, however, the challenges of starting a business in terms of fear of failure and fear of humiliation are still the same.

Fear is the number one reason why people don’t make a change.


Startup Entrepreneurs

Over the past two decades, startups have popped out of nowhere and grown in importance for our economy.

I know countless startup founders who are extremely passionate about what they do. However, many of them have one core challenge, the lack of funding.

Some ideas are doomed to fail and some are almost guaranteed to succeed. Depending on what side they’re on, getting funding is either harder or easier.

However, what’s with the middle ground? What’s with those ideas where on first sight, it may not be the most scalable business? What’s with the ideas that can and do have a massive impact like the Kalmat Foundation, Trestle Foundation, Acumen Fund, CheckOrphan, Servicespace and countless other impactful ideas?

Every single one of these organizations is remarkable. Every single one has the potential to make a huge difference in the world. Some of them have grown into massive change makers.

On the other hand, I know many corporate executives who have the potential to create ventures that could make a huge difference. Unfortunately, many don’t take the leap out of fear.

What if there was a new era of purpose-driven leaders with immense superpowers, just about to shift from their corporate dead-end jobs into becoming purpose-driven, high achieving entrepreneurs?


Executive Entrepreneurs

Imagine the impact an executive who has gathered massive superpowers in terms of experience and influence can have if he combines it with his talents, a burning passion and purpose-driven vision.

I imagine it a little bit like the Golden Army in Hellboy 2.

If you haven’t seen it, the Golden Army is an unstoppable and indestructible army that can only be activated when all pieces of the king’s golden crown are put together. When activated for the right cause, they can leverage their superpowers to have a huge positive impact in the world.

When these purpose-driven executives are activated, which means their desire for change becomes bigger than their fear of change, a lot of magic can happen.

Think about what a high achieving How-type, together with a creative Why-type genius can do if they combine their superpowers.

My job at jordico is to help purpose-driven leaders to leverage their superpowers so they can change the world.


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