I don’t want to overwhelm you with a large blog post right before Xmas so I try to keep this one short. 

In this post, I want to give you some food for thought on things you can do to make the most out of the Xmas period to have an amazing start into a legendary 2014. Here we go.


1. Spend Lots of Time With Your Loved Ones

I mean this. If I had to tell you what my lessons from 2013 were, number one at the top would be that friends and family (your loved ones) are the single most important thing in life. Without them, nothing has meaning and nothing is fun. With them, the most boring things are fun and nothing is impossible.

Strengthen your friendships and the bonds with your family. With real friends and a loving family, nothing is too big to achieve, no hurdle is too big to overcome (And there are lots of them in life, they belong to the journey).


2. Get Off the Internet at Least for a Week

Shut down your router. Plug it off. Get to a place with no internet connection. Do whatever it takes to get offline for at least week between Xmas and New Year.

I did this the first time in summer 2013 when I was in Zakynthos for 2 weeks and it felt like heaven.

I was forced to do it again in early November for a week when traveling to Ecuador where an internet connection at home is not a given. It was amazing. Time stood still.

The best thing of all, the world did not end. My apartment did not light on fire, nobody cleared my bank account and none of my clients had such a burning problem that could not wait until I was back online.

My business still existed when I turned the router on again and my no email was so important or urgent that it couldn’t wait for one or even two weeks. The world was still in order, my head was empty and I had peace of mind. What a feeling.

I have to admit that I have been blessed with an amazing personal assistant who gives her best to keep up with answering my coaching requests, managing the Career Network Switzerland on LinkedIn and who makes my life a million times easier by thinking ahead and acting instead of reacting.


3. Reflect on 2013

Take out a sheet of paper (or Evernote or whatever you use to write down thoughts and ideas) and write down all the good things that happened in 2013.

You heard me, only the good stuff. If you think your 2013 was miserable, this is going to take some time but it’s essential that you do this exercise. Your time is well invested.

Go to a place where you don’t get disturbed. Take out your calendar. Start in January 2013. If you journal, open it and read your notes. Go through all your notes you have written down in 2013 (mine are all in Evernote in one place so it’s easy for me to go back).

Write down your memories, all the good stuff, everything great that happened. Write down even the smallest positive memories.

After you have written down every awesome moment of your 2013, next to it, write down how it made you feel. Get back into that moment and feel it. Write down what you feel.

I have a playlist that helps me remind myself of the most amazing moments. I have one for my travels to Miami in 2009, I have one for my California road trip in 2011 and I have one for my 2013 moments.

This is my 2013 playlist:

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

Vandaveer – However Many Takes it Takes

The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Passenger – Let Her Go

Bastille – Laura Palmer

Remady & Manu-L – Holidays


4. Start Journaling

If you don’t have a journal yet, start one. I started mine about a year ago and I admit that I am horrible at it. I realize how bad I am at journaling when I try to reflect my 2013.

Luckily, I have many notes that I have done in Evernote which is some sort of journal for me and I can go back to.

In 2014 I want to journal more regularly. I won’t do it every day but at least once every week or two to reflect on the most important moments.

I use Penzu for my journaling but if you are more of a pen and paper person, get a nice physical journal and write down your feelings, ideas and thoughts.


5. Make a List of All the Things You Are Grateful for

Once again, take a sheet of paper, physical or digital. This list is crucial. It will help you to focus on the things that are most important to you.

List everything, even the most basic things you are grateful for like food, shelter and clean water.

While being in Ecuador and Peru with my girlfriend this November/December, living with a friend, we learned to appreciate hot water. In the first 3 weeks, we had to shower with ice-cold water every day because there was no heating device.

I always took hot water for granted, now I know that it’s a luxury for many people and I am very grateful to have it every time I jump into the shower half awake in the morning.


6. Get Your Dreamline Ready for 2014

I recently asked you the question what 2014 you are going to create. I mentioned dream lining in that blog post. Get your dreamline ready for 2014 and see its magic at work.

It helped me tremendously to achieve many things in 2013 that I set out to achieve. I just love its simple and clear structure. Thanks again to Tim Ferriss to create and share it with us.


7. Instead of Goals, Create Habits

This is something I focus on in 2014. I never enjoyed goal setting, I did not see the point. How am I supposed to see the future?

Nobody has ever told me about habits in business school, I only learned about them from Leo Babauta at zenbabits and I will implement habits instead of goals into my life and business in 2014 because it feels so much more natural to me than goals.

I highly recommend you try it as well.

Instead of building a six-pack or look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (I am exaggerating here), I will work out 3 times a week. Instead of writing 120 blog posts in 2014, I set out to write 1000 words every day. Instead of trying to make a million bucks in 2014, I will Implement a set of habits that get me closer to that goal.


8. Make Your 2014 a Year of Exploration

I talk about exploring many times when I talk to my clients because that’s basically what we do together.

We explore what’s possible. We explore if a path is right or not. We explore what kinds of people you love to be around. We explore who you are. We explore what’s the most meaningful and matterful thing for you to do. We explore things.

Make your 2014 a journey for exploration. It’s probably my only goal for 2014, to explore (the rest are habits).

What’s possible for me and my business? How can I help more people to achieve their dreams? What happens if I do X?


What will your 2014 will be all about? Leave a comment below.


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