Meeting people is the holy grail of building relationships and as we all know, everything important we want to achieve in a career, business and life is much more effective through relationships. Many times, it’s the only way to achieve something big.

Use this list of 8 meetup groups in Zurich to meet and connect with entrepreneurs, business owners and other business leaders.


Lean Startup Zurich

This is an event series that quite a few of my coaching clients attend. One of my clients has been a speaker here and was able to connect with some great people in the startup scene.


Startup Grind Zurich

This is a great place to meet startup founders since they usually host a speech from a successful entrepreneur in Switzerland. There are not that many meetups happening, only one every few months. They tend to be focused on the story and lessons from the speaker and his startup with lots of networking opportunities afterwards.


Startup Club Zurich

There have been quite a few very interesting meetups in 2013 in this group. Some of them were specifically focused on finding co-founders and partners so that may be a great opportunity for you to join a startup you believe in.


The Zurich Entrepreneur Meetup Group

This is probably the biggest group around entrepreneurship you can find in Zurich or even in Switzerland. Currently, they have 1400 members and host multiple meetups every week.

From time to time, they host larger meetups around a specific topic. Every Tuesday, you can get together for coffee to meet entrepreneurs and expand your network within that community in Zurich.


YoungFounders Community

This is a fairly new community so I can’t tell you much about the events or engagement in the group. Just from looking at their first event, the engagement was very high and lots of people showed up. The rating of the event was also fantastic.

I think this group has a lot of potential and lots of opportunities to find co-founders, partners and startups you can identify with.


Interesting Talks Zurich

Since learning and expanding the mind is something leaders constantly do, this could be a great opportunity to meet other leaders. It looks like they are planning to have more meetups in 2014 than they had in 2013 and looking to invite some great speakers.

It certainly can’t hurt to attend the next meetup or simply connect with the host to see what they are up to.


Tech Tuesday Zurich

One of my friends, an entrepreneur and natural leader, hosts this group. It’s a very active and engaged group of techies and entrepreneurs who come together to exchange ideas, feedback and expand their network.

The feedback I got from the host, Tim, has been excellent. 


Career Excellence Network Zurich

Diogo has taken over this group almost a year ago and transformed it into a thriving group with very engaged people.

I had the honor of speaking at 2 events and co-hosting them. I have met plenty of interesting and big-thinking people there. It’s well worth it to attend a meetup and get to know other people who are looking to advance their careers.


Essential Preparation Before You Go to an Event

Before you storm out the door, trying to attend as many meetups as possible, you need to have a plan.

What do you want to achieve through those meetups? What’s the reason you want to connect with the people there? Why are you going there in the first place?

If your intention is to sell yourself or handing out business cards like birthday invitations, you are likely not going to have the impact you want to and it’s probably not going to be fun either. I like having fun at everything I do and everywhere I go. That’s the whole point of the journey, isn’t it?

If you want to get the full-blown preparation in an extensive workbook format, download the Communication Excellence Workbook here.


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