Something that I hear over and over again from many of my clients who are international entrepreneurs and business owners in Switzerland, is that it’s hard for them to find likeminded, fellow business owners to collaborate, get feedback, share insights or simply get a sense of connectedness.

It can be hard to find the right types of events to find these likeminded individuals. The good news is that there are plenty of international business owners in Switzerland.

Here are a few ideas on where you can find your peers.


1. WeFound

This is a young, international organization, led by Val Racheeva.  Their mission is to inspire & empower women entrepreneurs to start & build meaningful businesses. WeFound has quickly grown to over 2500 members and hosted several events in the past year throughout Europe.

I was invited to attend the event on 19th November 2014 where Sunnie Groeneveld, CEO of Inspire 925 and Samih Sawiris, the billionaire behind the luxury ski resort project in Andermatt, presented their stories and ideas.

The room was filled with inspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, building businesses that make a difference.

The next event is planned for February 2015 and I have the honor to speak there.


2. Leman International Fair

Once a year, Leman Events hosts the Leman International Fair in Lausanne where close to 2000 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals come together.

This year, the fair was hosted on 2nd November 2014 and I was invited to speak. It was the first time I was at the fair and amazed at how many exhibitors were present.

Many of these exhibitors have businesses just like you. This is the place to meet them.

It was a great chance for me to connect with some fellow business owners and other influencers in the English speaking market in Switzerland.


3. Startup Weekend

This event is hosted throughout the world in hundreds of locations every year. The event that is still in front of us in 2014 is hosted in Zurich from 5-7th December.

The event in Zurich is probably also where you have the highest chance to meet the international crowd of the startup scene.

The idea of Startup Weekend is to launch a startup in one weekend and make the right connections to then build it.


4. Startup Grind

This event is hosted by a friend of mine, David Butler. He brings together rising and established entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Many of the Meetups feature a very successful entrepreneur in Switzerland who shares his or her inspiring story of success and failure.

It’s a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs in all phases of their startups. The next event happens on 4th December 2014. You should join if you can.


5. Curious Courses Day

A friend of mine, Selina Man Karlsson, is hosting this event every year in Zurich. The day is always jam-packed with inspiring speakers on topics that spark curiosity.

I wrote about my lessons from CC Day in 2014 here.

It’s an amazing place to meet creative individuals, people who care and people who are entrepreneurs at heart.


6. TEDx Events

I went to TEDxZurich 2013 but could unfortunately not join in 2014 due to some other events.

I met some amazing visionaries, entrepreneurs, business owners and creative professionals there.

I wrote about my lessons from TEDxZurich 2013 here.

There are many more TEDx events happening all over Switzerland. Just to mention a few, you could go to TEDxLugano, TEDxZug, TEDxBasel or TEDxLausanne.


7. Toastmasters

This is a great place to hone your speaking skills but not only that. It’s a great place to get to know people who are passionate about what they do. And people who are passionate about what they do, tend to be business owners and entrepreneurs.

Even if public speaking is not something you want to do professionally, it may still be worth honing your speaking skills to have better sales conversations, small group presentations and become more confident in talking to people in general.

Take the time to get out of your home office and meet your peers in person. It will make a significant difference in your life and business.


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