A few weeks ago, I attended the Book Yourself Solid® live event in Philadelphia because it’s part of the mentoring program I am in with Michael Port. I’m also in the process of becoming a Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach and I use Book Yourself Solid® to help my clients build and establish relationships with decision makers and influencers.

I met with Michael and about 50 other business owners from around the globe. I have learned many valuable things about networking and doing business. I want to share seven of them with you here.


1. The Importance of the Red Velvet Rope Policy

Obviously, I know how important a filtration system is that only lets people into your network who energize and inspire you. I help my clients establish and implement it all the time.

However, I have never seen it so perfectly executed like I did in Philly at that event.

There was not a single person in the room that I talked to who was non-ideal for me. This means that all of them are inside Michael’s Red Velvet Rope Policy. Why is this such a big deal?

Imagine you are at a 4-day event with 50 other business owners and you somehow just don’t connect well with many. You don’t feel comfortable because few of them are like-minded. Therefore, you don’t talk much with people. And when you do, it somehow feels superficial.

Do you think you will do business with many of the non-ideal and non-like-minded people?

Now, imagine if you meet with 50 inspiring and like-minded business owners over the course of 4 days. The first few people you meet, you naturally connect with. You feel that every word they say is meant sincere and nobody holds back with saying what they truly want to say.

Everybody shares his most emotional and impactful stories and you get inspired, not just by the great guy on stage, but also by everybody you talk to during the breaks.

How much of a difference is that?

Do you think you will do business with the people you simply love to be around with? What if you love to be around every single one of these people, could this have an impact on your business?

In fact, most of the people in the mentoring program end up doing business together in one or the other way. That’s not why the group meets up in the first place but it’s a side effect of a solid Red Velvet Rope Policy that is executed on relentlessly.


2. Talking to People Outside Your Industry and Profession

We usually hang out with people who are within our industry or profession. That’s great and essential.

However, I have seen how impactful and inspiring it is to meet people from completely different fields. I have met Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Lawyers, Composers, Gym Owners, Web Developers, Office Supply Business Owners and several different types of Consultants and Coaches. All in all, people from many completely different fields.

What this did for me is open up new perspectives. People were talking about what they do in their business, how they get clients and how they operate and grow their business.

We talked about which business models are more scalable and which ones are less. We discussed which businesses could be run from anywhere in the world and how you can embody your philosophy and beliefs into a more traditional businesses model.

It made me, and the people I talked to, take ideas from completely different fields and integrate some of them into our own business.


3. We Are All in the Same Boat

What I also realized is that we are all in the same boat, not matter in what field we are. At the core, we are all dealing with the same issues. Most business problems have their roots in personal problems.

If somebody is thinking small, it’s probably tough for him to expand his business beyond a certain point. If somebody has limiting beliefs about what she can achieve, it’s probably hard to live up to her full potential in business.

It was on the first day of the conference where we talked about Michael’s core philosophy of “Thinking Big” where I took the most notes about the issues we are all dealing with.

What I wrote down were lack of confidence, fear of rejection, fear of actual success, lack of organization and structure, lack of focus, lack of clarity of WHY and discomfort with doing the important and big things.

It made me once again realize that if I want to grow my business beyond where it is right now and break through every ceiling that naturally appears, I need to work on my limiting beliefs first.

That’s exactly what I did while waiting for my delayed flight back home from New York.

I bought Tony Robins’ Awaken the Giant Within a while ago but never followed through until this day. While waiting at the airport, I listened to the program again and did every step along the way and the results in mind shift are astonishing.


4. Business Breaks Lead Into Breakthroughs

Where do you usually have your best ideas? Probably not while doing your busy-work. They usually happen to show up under the shower, while working out, reading or simply when you are completed detached from your business like on vacation or at a 4-day conference.

I had my greatest breakthrough ideas and gained the most clarity when talking to people at the conference during the breaks. Suddenly things became clearer, limiting beliefs got kicked in the butt and simple ideas that have a huge impact showed up in front of me.

Also, the four days gave enough time to think things through. That’s something we usually don’t do much during our busy day to day work.


5. The 90-Day Plan Rocks

I have always been fairly good at planning. It’s not new to me that in order to achieve a specific goal, you need to have some sort of a plan in place. After all, the 90-Day Accelerator Plan is something I work on with my clients.

The second morning of the conference was dedicated to create our 90-day plan. We created an overview with the strategies we will implement, the specific numbers and milestones that need to happen and the projects we are going to tackle.

I have done the planning many times before by myself. However, this time, I was able to get feedback, share ideas with other business owners and get accountability for everything that I set to achieve.

Most importantly, I knew exactly that everything I write down that morning will happen over the next 90 days because I have a system in place to not just have a plan but to actually make it happen.

Doing this exercise with my fellow business owners made it even clearer to me why people come to me to help them with that 90-day plan instead of doing it themselves. The feedback, outside view and opinion of another person is invaluable.


6. You Always Have Value to Share

Not only were the people at the event from many different fields but also in different chapters in the book of business. Some of them have just started out, others were making their millions.

Usually, that is not the way the mix of people at such a conference looks like. However, it made a lot of sense because it did not matter at what stage somebody was in their business. The like-mindedness mattered and that everybody followed the same framework, Book Yourself Solid®.

Many times, when clients work with me, they tell me that they don’t know how to create value in their keep in touch efforts with decision makers and influencers.

I have talked to a few people at the event who were several pages ahead in the book of business and we could hardly stop the conversations.

I was obviously not there to tell them how to run their business. The value they got from me, was my perspective, bouncing off ideas of me, some insights into LinkedIn strategies, my bold opinion and insights from a different business field.

No matter how far ahead somebody is in their business, you can always provide value if you stop thinking that the only thing you have to offer is your experience and skills.


7. Your Coat Belongs in the Hand Luggage

This has obviously nothing to do with business but it’s still an important lesson I have learned.

When I arrived in New York on Sunday evening, I received the bad news from my airline that my luggage was still in Frankfurt.

Of course, I decided to travel lightly and left my coat in my main luggage, leaving me with a sweater in freezing New York.

I hopped into a taxi to get to my friend’s place in Manhattan. Because I was traveling to Philadelphia the next day, they had to send my luggage to the hotel in Philly, which took another day.

Luckily my friend had a warm jacket that I could borrow for the next days until my luggage arrived. Another great reason why it’s essential to have friends everywhere you go.


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