Over the past 2 years in my business, I have implemented tools and systems so I can spend less time in my email inbox and more time on things I love doing.

I have become pretty good at it. I went from spending most of my days in my email inbox to now spending a maximum of 30-60 minutes per day on email.

This way I get to spend more time working with inspiring clients, empowering women entrepreneurs in emerging economies, writing, talking to my awesome mastermind buddies, reading, sipping coffee, traveling, working out, meditating, doing outdoor sports and spending time with my girlfriend.

This did not happen by accident but by using some very smart tools. Here are five of them:


1. Unroll.me

I recently discovered this wonderful free tool and fell in love with it. It does two things.

First, it unsubscribes you from newsletters you never read anyway.

Second, it creates a daily “rollup” of newsletters and notifications so you can just screen through these emails. These may be blog posts, social media notifications or any type of updates you still want to receive but don’t need to have in separate emails every day.

This simple tool has saved me at least 2-3 hours per week.


2. Boomerang

Have you ever emailed somebody who was supposed to get back to you in 2 days and then they didn’t?

How do you keep track of the people who are supposed to get back to you? In your to-do list? Calendar? Task management system?

Boomerang takes away the pressure to create reminders for people you want to follow up with. It simply reminds you in X days to follow up if the person has not replied to you by sending the email back into your inbox.

I love this tool. It saves me a lot of thinking about when to follow up with whom so I can use my creativity for more important things.


3. Contactually Email Plugin

If you use Contactually as your CRM (if you don’t I highly encourage you to try it out), it can be daunting to categorize your 3679 contacts that you have just imported.

What if you could simply bucket everyone you email with directly within Gmail?

That’s what the plugin does. Every time you email somebody new or somebody you have not yet categorized, you can add them to the right bucket directly within Gmail.

It’s a great way to save you hours of work to categorize your contacts within Contactually and just do it when you email them anyway.


4. TimeTrade

Have you ever emailed back and forth 7 times to schedule a date and time that works for you and the person you want to talk to?

I know I have. So much time wasted just to find a date that fits both parties.

TimeTrade gives you that time back and lets the other person schedule a call or meeting directly in your calendar, only at the times you are available.

You can block certain times you are available for certain types of calls or meetings.

This tools has saved me countless hours of trying to find the right time that fits both parties. It has also saved me money because my assistant no longer has to spend her precious time on scheduling my appointments.


5. TextExpander

This tool allows you to save text that you use over and over again under certain short codes.

I mainly use it in combination with TimeTrade so I don’t always have to write out “If you don’t mind, please pick a time that works best for you at http://…”.

You can literally save any kind of text under a short code. It’s great for signatures, answers you constantly give, greetings, etc. Anything that you write more than once should go into TextExpander.


Life is too precious to waste it with meaningless work and unnecessary emails.


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