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I recently wrote about my trip to Baltimore to meet with the Book Yourself Solid crew. The event itself was amazing. However, it was the people who made all the difference.

There is a certain quality of people in Book Yourself Solid. I love to be surrounded by “doers” instead of “talkers”. I’m all about progress and results.

However, I’m not just talking about achieving a certain amount of income or status. I am talking about becoming a certain kind of personality. I’m talking about personal growth.

I want to be surrounded by people who constantly grow as a person and then translate that into value for others.

If you have been with me for a while, you probably remember me quoting Jim Rohn saying “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. I take that quote very seriously. I have seen it make a massive difference in my life and the life of others I know.

Now the big question. Why should you care to hang out with super-successful, ultra-energetic and value-creating leaders?

Simple. Because it makes you think at least 10x bigger every time you do.

That’s what it does for me when I hang out with people like Michael Port, Jeff Walker, the entire BYS crew, or learn from people I mention below.

Let me share five place where you can meet these kinds of people. I’m going to hang out at some of these places this and next year and I hope you will too.


1. Strategic Coach

This is the program from Dan Sullivan. I mentioned his podcast with Joe Polish a few weeks ago.

Dan has been coaching over 6000 high-level entrepreneurs during the past 40 years of his career.

What fascinates me most about Strategic Coach is that the pursuit of financial success and lasting fulfillment is built into the program at the same time.

It’s about building financial success on the foundation of a meaningful life while adding massive value to other people.

Another thing I love about Strategic Coach is that it’s built on the idea of pursuing 10x goals. This opens up completely new thinking patterns. It’s not just about 10x more revenue but more importantly about 10x personal growth.

I believe that personal growth is in direct correlation with income, influence, impact and happiness. Therefore, growing 10x as a person makes a lot of sense.

I follow Dan very closely and Strategic Coach is one of the programs I plan on joining the coming year.


2. Genius Network

Joe Polish, who does the 10xTalk with Dan Sullivan, leads Genius Network. Joe started doing Genius Network in a more causal setting, not very regularly, with a few friends.

When he realized that many more people could benefit from working together in a mastermind to achieve their goals, he launched Genius Network as a formal program.

Joe is one of those super connectors. He seems to know everybody and has developed incredibly strong relationships with some of the top entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In a recent 10xTalk, Joe shared the story of how he got to know Richard Branson and further developed that relationship. In the process, Joe also became the largest contributor to Virgin Unite by connecting this unique abilities with creating massive value.


3. Maverick1000

This mastermind has been founded by Yanik Silver who has become famous as the host of the Underground X Online Seminar.

Yanik has a pretty impressive story, building all his wealth and success from zero without any rich parents or being born with a network of 8-figure entrepreneurs.

What fascinates me about Maverick1000 is the fact that it’s about impact and contribution. It’s not about charity and it’s not about joining Greenpeace.

What I mean by contribution and impact is some of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs and leaders around the globe, putting their brains together to create and invest in ventures that make a big difference.


4. The Titan Summit 

I just recently discovered this annual event from Robin Sharma where be brings together some of the most highest performing leaders in the world, the ones he calls “Titans”.

In 2014, the event is going to be in Toronto. So if you happen to be in that region and want to get some injection of energy, inspiration and world-chaning ideas, join Robin alongside with speakers like Richard Branson and share your impressions with me after the event.

I love how Robin goes into the Law of Association on the event page . This law is built on Jim Rohn’s quote “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.


5. Product Launch Formula Live 

I have recently decided to join Product Launch Formula and work with Jeff Walker on growing my business and impact exponentially.

Alongside with the membership, I got a ticket to the exclusive PLF Live event that I will attend in October 2014 in Phoenix, right after my BYS Masterclass in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to get there and meet with other entrepreneurs who are building something significant.

This event is only accessible to people who are part of Product Launch Formula. From what I know, Jeff only opens up PLF once a year. When you see him open it up, I highly recommend you join.

In terms of business strategy, this is probably one of the best investments I have ever made. The value in terms of strategies but also personal growth has been immeasurable.

If you are building an online business or want to take more of your business online, PLF is a great place to start.


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