A few weeks ago, the Swiss Lottery announced the biggest jackpot ever. There was CHF 43.5 Million in the jackpot and nobody had won the money for quite some time.

I have never played the lottery in my entire life because I don’t believe in playing against my odds. I’m much more about taking calculated risks.

However, me and my girlfriend decided to both play for the minimum amount just for the experience.

Well, we did not win as you may have guessed but something interesting happened.


What if…

The day before the drawing, I sat down to write my diary like most days, and asked myself a question that would impact my business in a major way.

I wrote down “What will I change when I win the CHF 43 million?”

My imagination went wild and I started to fantasize about all the changes that would happen if I were no longer dependent on an income.

The next day, after the drawing happened to not be in our favor, I went back to that list and realized something.

None of the changes on the business side required me to have any more money than what I have right now. It just requires me to think bigger and be bolder.

Some of them included the focus of my business and others the type of work I do.

I took that list and made most of these points a priority. Some of them I already started implementing and I’m more excited about the direction of my business than ever before.

These changes will have an even bigger impact on the people I serve and in the process create more freedom for me too.


Asking Yourself the Big Question

What would you change if you had just won $43 million?

I really mean it, literally. Think about it long and hard. Write down the things you would change.

Then observe which changes you can make right now that don’t actually require anything else than guts and certainty that things will work out OK.

This was one of the biggest eye opening moments for me and I hope it will be for you too.

What would you do differently?


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