“You really made it. You just turned 25 and have achieved more in your career than anybody else I know at your age.”

This is what some of my friends told me when we talked about career and business. I was 25 years old, managing two teams with millions of Swiss Francs in sales responsibility and earning significant money with lots of benefits like a company car and many expenses paid.

The only problem was that I did not really feel like I made it. Sure, I was living a good life, had lots of flexibility, status and money. However, I only really felt alive at the weekends and on holidays. I always thought there must be something more out there but I hardly ever bothered to do anything about it since I had such a comfortable life.


How Everything Started

In August 2012, I had this idea to put all my thoughts about English speakers looking for a new job in Switzerland on paper because I had so much experience I wanted to share with somebody. So I decided to use a blog as a medium and officially launched it on 4th September 2012 with 4 blog posts and about 2 readers.

I owned another company before with a friend that was called Jordi & Co., so I thought why not use that as the domain. I thought I could always call it Jordi Consulting or something similar later and it was short, so I chose it.

Only 4 weeks after the initial launch, I had 6000 visitors on my blog and it continued to grow month after month. Towards the end of the year, I had over 10’000 people visiting my website every month who were eagerly looking for advice to find the best career opportunities in Switzerland.

Of course, my activities were not unseen by my boss at that time so we talked about it and he agreed that it’s ok for me to have the blog since it also added value to the company. I even had meetings at the corporate headquarters with the head of online marketing to discuss a corporate blog for the company because he saw mine as a role model. Therefore, I thought this may turn into something really interesting.


Getting Fired and Launching My First eBook

It actually turned into something very interesting when the COO of the company walked into my office in the middle of December, handed me over my termination letter and asked me to leave. I was completely shocked at that time and did not understand the world anymore since I thought this was a positive collaboration.

Looking back, this is the best thing that has ever happened in my career and I will be forever thankful to the COO for taking this step for me. Otherwise, I may still be working in a job and career that is unfulfilling and feels empty.

After the initial shock faded away, I realized that I finally had time to write my eBook. I had already written parts of it but it was far from finished.

Because my situation required massive action, I gave myself a deadline that forced me to publish it in 3 weeks, no matter what. I publicly announced the launch of the eBook to my community and was now fully accountable for fulfilling that deadline.

I launched the eBook in the first week of January 2013, after many sleep deprived nights and long days. I felt so alive like I haven’t felt for a long time.

The launch was a success and it even got me some clients which helped a lot with paying the bills. I had plenty of bills because I had this great idea to spend a lot of money in November because I was looking forward to a huge bonus in February.

Well, that did not work out as planned.


The Success Factors

After publishing the first eBook, I wrote another one called Communication Excellence Workbook, which is now a major part of my coaching program as well. I kept working hard on my business since money was pretty tight and I had no stable income.

My first revenue (not profit) after I had lost my job was CHF 640. Not so much you can buy with that in Switzerland.


Success Factor #1: Clarity and Alignment of Why

It was a thin line to keep between staying true to my vision of changing the employment industry into a model where people connect based on their values and passion and making a few quick bucks. 

I initially offered a CV review service because people requested it and I had some demand for it but shut it down only a few weeks later when I realized that it did not align with my vision at all and I hated doing it.

After that initial slip, I worked very hard every day to stay true to my Why in everything I did and I think I am doing it pretty well.

I truly believe one of the main reasons why I was able to build a company from zero to fully booked and becoming very well known in only 8 months is because I do everything to stay true to my Why every day.


Success Factor #2: Surrounding Yourself With Passionate People

I recently wrote a blog post about the 3 types of people in our lives.

A few years ago, I mainly had “Zombie Players” in my life. When I finally realized that, I made a radical change and distanced myself from those people and built new relationships with “Value Players”.

This change has eventually led me to such deep friendships I have never experienced before and to my wonderful girlfriend that I love from the bottom of my heart.

The result was not just the most amazing friendships but also people who are close to me who will never let me fail. Imagine having 80% of “Value Players” in your life, how much different would they support you?

Believe me, there is no way these people will let you fail in business, career or life.

This is why I help my coaching clients not just to built any type of relationships when we build their network in Switzerland but focus our efforts on making connections with “Value Players”. They will support you no matter what because you trust each other.


Success Factor #3: Communicating Your Beliefs

You can pretty much get everything you need in terms of information from my blog, for free.

Initially, this concept was hard for me to understand. Why should anyone pay me for coaching and mentoring if they can get all the information for free?

It only became clear to me when I met with my very first client in Zurich. He just lost his job at that time and was looking for a new challenge. He called me to meet for two hours in Zurich and to send him the invoice. 

We talked for a while and it was basically about answering all the questions he had. It was a combination of providing my knowledge and my opinion. It was a fascinating conversation full of energy.

After about an hour into the conversation, he asked me a question that I will never forget. He said “Do you know why I hired you Daniel?” Comfortable as I am, I answered “Yes of course, because I have  lots of experience in recruitment, the Swiss market and the technology sector” His answer came very unexpected back then. “No, that’s not why I hired you. That’s what I hired you for. I hired you because you and me, we see the world from the same angle. I hired you because I believe what you believe.”

It struck me with a lightning force and that was the start of me talking about the Why over and over again. It was suddenly clear to me that it was not about my experience, education or knowledge. It was about a match on the Why level.


How My Life Looks Like Today

After years in the corporate ladder, I got to break out but only thanks to a much needed kick in the butt. In my corporate job, I spent most days filling in meaningless reports, dealing with corporate politics and sitting in time-wasting meetings that somebody else had put on my calendar.

Today, I spend my days writing, creating products and services that I am proud of, traveling and talking to inspiring and likeminded individuals, so called “Value Players”.

I just recently hired a personal assistant. She is awesome. She takes care of all administrative tasks so I only get to do things that are a heck of a lot of fun and contribute massively to my vision.

I could simply not imagine another life anymore.


How My Story Matters to You

What if you could do work that truly excites you every day with people who inspire you? How much happier would you be at work and how much more energy would you have when you come home? How much more would you enjoy the time that you spend with your loved ones if you did not have to worry about all the fires at work?

If you are currently not in a position where you get to do all the things you love at least 80% of the time, maybe it’s time for a change. I needed the kick in the butt to realize that I needed a change and I hope this article and my blog is the kick in the butt for you.

To ensure that my coaching clients achieve the best results the fastest, my entire coaching model is based on these three success factors I outlined above.


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