Last week, I had a call with a friend from Boulder, Colorado. She has been a leadership coach for many years and is now launching a new high-end group coaching program. During the call, we discussed her sales page and her launch strategy.

Her launch strategy idea was to do a webinar with her tribe and mention the group coaching program at the end.

The first question that popped into my mind was “Are you going to invite joint venture partners to help you promote the webinar to a bigger audience?”.

She told me that she had not thought about doing the webinar with partners and was hesitant, so I asked, “What are you afraid of?”.

She told me that she was not quite clear on the benefits these partners get if they would promote the webinar to their audience and therefore, hesitated to reach out to them.

We went on to brainstorm the biggest benefits and came up with three main reasons why people want to partner with others.


1. Impact

If you choose your partners wisely and only approach the ones that are aligned with your vision and mission, then you can help your joint venture partners dramatically increase their impact.

If you build your partnerships on a foundation of a common mission and not just on “Here’s how much money you can make if you promote for me”, everything gets much easier.

Partners who share the same mission as you are not simply out to make a few bucks from partnerships. They are looking to increase their impact and since you both share that same mission, it makes sense to partner with you, even if you don’t have statistics yet on conversion rates from previous launches.

When I am looking for launch partners for LinkedREvolution, I pay close attention to their philosophy of doing business.

One of the partners I am currently talking to sent out an email to his tribe that said “Business isn’t just about numbers. It’s about being human.”

That one line tells me that we are a perfect fit.


2. Reputation

If your partner’s mission and yours are aligned, a joint venture launch dramatically boost reputation for both parties.

When I talked to my friend I mentioned above, she told me that her ideal partners are “people who serve misfits”. That’s her tribe.

She works with executives and business leaders who got stuck in something they know they don’t belong into.

If she partners with others who serve people who feel like misfits, their missions are aligned. Therefore, the offer my friend makes will resonate with the audience of her partners.


3. Revenue

Last but not least, your partners get a percentage of the revenue from people they send your way.

I put revenue third for a reason. It should never be the only motivation for you to bring partners on board and never be the only reason why people partner with you. If it is, the partnership is built on very thin ice since money is a weak reason to form a partnership.

That said, if you have statistics from previous launches with conversion rates that show an approximate of how much revenue a partner can expect from every person they send an email to, it greatly helps to get partners on board.


5 Email Templates That Make Busy People Say YES

If you are ready to form joint venture partnerships for your next launch, it’s essential that you make an emotional connection with the decision makers and influencers you approach.

That’s why I created a resource for you with 5 Email Templates That Make Busy People Say YES.

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