Very recently, one of my clients asked me what podcasts I recommend to “high-achievers who are striving to build an empire”. So I looked through all the podcasts I have been listening to and the recommendations from people who are building significant ventures.

I came up with three absolute must resources because they have changed my life and business and the ones of people I admire. They focus on three core areas:


  1. Business Growth
  2. Management
  3. Personal Growth


I believe if you can master these three areas of your life and business, achieving your wildest dreams is the next logical result. This is why I picked the three best podcasts that I and people I admire have quoted to be exceptional.


1. 10x Talk with Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan

Joe Polish a famous for Genius Network where he helps high achievers to grow, connect and collaborate for a bigger future.

Dan Sullivan is famous for Strategic Coach, a support system for entrepreneurs dedicated for 10x growth.

Combining these two geniuses results in what I believe is the best podcast for entrepreneurs who are committed to grow their business and life by 10x.

Thanks to their podcast, I have been able to develop high potential business ideas and more strategically grow my business.

I highly recommend 10x Talk to every entrepreneur and entrepreneurial executive who is dedicated to grow a serious business.


2. Manager Tools

Led by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne, Manager Tools is the very best resource I could find to become a more effective manager. I have probably gone through 80% of their entire podcast series during my corporate career and because of it, developed very strong people and organizational management skills.

I have become much more effective by focusing on my key responsibilities, structuring my meetings better and delegating almost everything I don’t absolutely have to do.

It’s been an invaluable resource throughout my entire career and I highly recommend it to every manager and executive who wants to become more effective in his daily business.


3. Morningcoach

I discovered morningcoach about two years ago and have been a member since. I account some of my achievements, especially in my personal growth to JB Glossinger.

JB used to be a corporate executive in the aerospace industry and now has built a highly successful business.

I see morningcoach as an inspirational resource for me to set up every day for success. And since I have started listing to JB almost two years ago, most of my days have been great successes.

JB releases a new episode every single day of the week and has now over 2000 episodes out there to dig into.

I highly recommend morningcoach to everyone who wants to set up every day for success.


Now I would love to hear what podcasts you enjoy listening to. Leave a comment below or if you read this in an email, just hit the reply button and let me know what podcasts you can recommend.


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