I’m not exactly sure how many times I have listened to The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin by now, probably five times or more.

I decided that it would be much more valuable to actually share the quotes that inspired me most than just to listen to the audio book.

So here are my 15 favorite quotes from The Icarus Deception. They are in no particular order since they all deeply express what I believe and how I see the world.

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1. “We don’t need more stuff, we need more humanity.”

more stuff more humanity


2. “Part of your hard work is to shun the non-believers and to focus on the audience of your choice.”

shun non believers


3. “The hard part is in taking a stand and doing it new, for the first time.”

taking a stand


4. “Your generosity is more important than your perfection.”

generosity more important


5. “People hesitate to lead, or to invent, or to make art, because they are afraid of what will happen if they do.”

people afraid if they do


6. “Art is the act of doing work that matters while dancing with the voice in your head that screams for you to stop.”

dancing with voice in head


7. “The resistance is not something to be avoided, it’s something to seek out.”

resistance seek out


8. “At the end of a project, the end of the day, and the end of the game, you can look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that at least you got to dance.” 

end of project dance


9. “Art almost never works as fast as you want it to and the more you need it to work, the slower it happens.”

art fast slower


10. “The very fact that it might not work is precisely why you should and must do this.”

might not work


11. “I feel like a fraud as I read you this, as I brush my teeth, and every time I go on stage. This is part of the human condition. Accept it. Now what?”

fraud now what


12. “Ship small art. Then, ship medium art. Then, ship world-changing, scary, change-your-underwear art.”

change underwear art


13. “You don’t have to want what the system wants you to want.”

system wants


14. “Given the choice, we have no choice. We have to create and to own it.”

choice create own it


15. “Learn to embrace the blank slate.”

embrace blank slate



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