About two weeks ago, I came back from a US trip where I spent a full week at two conferences, one in Los Angeles, the other in Phoenix.

The event in Phoenix was called PLF Live. It was an exclusive event for alumni of the Product Launch Formula membership with Jeff Walker.

When I first arrived to check in at the hotel, I thought there were maybe 200 people at the event. To my surprise, over 700 entrepreneurs were there and the air was buzzing with energy.

PLF Live was a jam-packed 3-day event with speakers like Jeff Walker, Dean Graziosi and Brendon Burchard.


Why PLF Live is Different Than Most Conferences

When I learned that more than 700 people were at this event, I thought it would be hard to get to know people because there were so many new faces. I usually don’t feel extremely comfortable being in the midst of hundreds of people.

I was completely wrong. Throughout the 3 days, I personally met over 50 entrepreneurs and had inspiring conversations with every single one of them.

I have never met so many people in one room who were there to help each other instead of trying to get something out of everyone.

When Jeff Walker was on stage, he shared many parts of his Hero’s Journey and talked about his failures and successes. Jeff is the most authentic and modest 8-figure entrepreneur I have ever met.

He inspired the people in the room to bond and share their journeys with each other during these 3 days and that’s what everyone did.

Every person I met at PLF Live has a big WHY behind what they do. I believe that’s what makes this community so special. Jeff has a huge talent for attracting amazing people.

Yes, people do have a burning desire to make money, but not just to enrich themselves but to enrich the lives of the people they love and the people they serve.

Therefore, people have a huge drive for achievement which makes them take massive action.


The Obligation

On my flight back from Phoenix to Los Angeles, I listened to Seth Godin’s audiobook, Tribes, again for probably the 100th time or so. Interestingly, every time I listen to it, something new stands out because I’m in a different situation.

What stood out this time was the part about “The Obligation” that I want to share with you here. It stood out because the people at PLF Live don’t see the impact their business can have as an opportunity, but as an obligation to challenge the status quo and to raise the bar.

Here is the part from Tribes that stood out to me.


“Not too far from us, a few blocks away, there are kids without enough to eat and without parents who care.

A little farther away, hours by plane, are people unable to reach their goals because they live in a community that just doesn’t have the infrastructure to support them.

A bit farther away are people being brutally persecuted by their governments.

And the world is filled with people who can’t go to high school, never mind college, and who certainly can’t spend their time focused on whether or not they get a good parking space at work.

And so, the obligation: don’t settle.

To have all these advantages, all this momentum, all these opportunities and then settle for mediocre and then defend the status quo and then worry about corporate politics – what a waste.

Flynn Berry wrote that you should never use the word “opportunity.” It’s not an opportunity, it’s an obligation.

I don’t think we have any choice. I think we have an obligation to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a different game, and to play it better than anyone has any right to believe is possible.”


I hope this paragraph inspires you to raise the bar, challenge the status quo and never settle for mediocre.

Life is too short to settle for anything less than awesome.


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