Have you ever experienced a day when you felt your boss or your work sucks the energy out of you? Or maybe you felt that you have all these talents, experience and a passion but are not living up to your full potential?

Let’s face it, you have so much to offer to the world. You have invaluable experience in business and life, no matter what you have done by now. You have talents and strengths that are unique to you. You have burning passion, even if you don’t feel it right now. There is a giant within you to be awaken.

I believe that this is the case for every human being on the planet. I believe in unlimited potential. Unfortunately, in most people, that potential lies dormant. Even worse, many people never awaken that potential and they wake up one day, at the age of 80, and realize that they have spent their life doing meaningless work and missed out on their dreams.

My purpose is to inspire and empower you to discover that potential and to turn it into a thriving career where you get to feel alive every single day. I want to help you create a career where you get to wake up every day, inspired to go to work and come home fulfilled, experiencing a deep sense of meaning.

So let me show you how you can discover that potential within you and leverage it to create an extraordinary career.


Stop Wasting Your Time

One of the main reasons my clients come to me is because at some point they have lost that sense of fulfillment and meaning in their career. Maybe they have covered it up by drugging themselves with achievements and purchasing shiny objects.

However, at some point, they realize that the path they are currently on is not getting them to where and who they ultimately want to be.

If you are in such a place right now, stop wasting your time. Don’t say “I’m going to do this for just for 5 years so I have enough experience to start my own business or get promoted”. Don’t say “It’s just a temporary solution” or “I’m ok right now and will see how it goes”.

If you tell that to yourself and keep doing “ok” and “sort of like” your work, you will either burn out at some point or realize 10 years from now, that you have wasted many precious years of your life.

Life is simply too short and precious to just do “ok”. You want to do work that makes you come alive, work that gets you fired up in the morning and fuels you with a passion. You want to work with leaders, colleagues and clients who inspire you and make a difference through your work.


Identify What Drives You

The very first thing I work on with my clients is to identify what fires them up. That’s not always easy. Some people are naturally excited about things while others have that energy buried underneath years of corporate brainwashing.

Your cause is the thing that fuels you. It’s what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and what gives meaning to your life. You can call it your purpose, your Why or your vision. At the end of the day, it’s all the same thing.

If you are able to identify and clearly articulate that cause, you can unleash your full potential and find the energy to accomplish anything in your life. It’s the place where your unlimited power comes from.

I have found one of the best descriptions of that inner drive in the book Coaching Questions.

“The energy of Passion, channeled through my Experience and Design in the service of a greater Calling.”

So how do you identify your cause?

I believe all of us already know deep down what our cause is. For some, it’s easy to identify. For others, it takes longer. It depends on your past experiences and your mindset.

I have recently outlined some of the core questions to identify your cause in 6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Avoid a Dead End Career.


Putting the Puzzle Together

There are a few different parts you need to assess in order to identify what drives you. It’s a combination of your experience, values, cause, passion and strengths.

Eventually, you will notice some patterns. Maybe there is something that sticks out in all those areas. That’s what you want to pay attention to.

Let me show you how to do that in an example from one of my coaching clients.


How to Discover the Career Path That Makes You Jump Out of Bed Every Morning

One of my current coaching clients, I will call her Rosa, has been working for a large corporation for the past years in marketing.

First, we assessed different aspects of her personality, like experience, strengths/talents, passion as well as her values and cause.

She has been working in marketing & communicating for the past years and loves the work, so that was a great starting point.

After that, we identified her strengths and talents. It showed that she has a special talent for languages in French and Spanish. She is very sociable and can communicating clearly, even if things are complicated.

When we looked at her passions, education stood out. She has strong opinion on the current educational system and was clearly not satisfied with it. She also believes that by working with an organization in education, she can make the world a better place.

Another thing that stood out was a passion for starting things in creative environments. This quickly demonstrated that a traditional school or a large institution would probably be a waste of time for her. She needs an organization that is driven by change and where she can create and start things, which led into the startup industry.

Last but not least, we talked about her cause. Things like developing others and helping them to increase their potential came up. Things like preparing people to enter an ever-changing world so they can be fulfilled and successful came to surface.

Eventually, we took all of this and looked for patterns. What she is pursuing now is the following.

A career where she helps startups in the educational space to grow their business by expanding to French and Spanish speaking markets. By doing this, they will develop their business and impact in markets like Africa and South America and enable children to be prepared for an ever-changing world.


Finding Organizations to Amplify Your Cause

When you go out there and look for a new organization to join, think about what makes you come alive. It’s not the size of the organization, the great job title or the big company car. It’s the possibility to amplify your cause through that organization.

If you want to enable children in developing countries to get a better chance for education, work with organizations that embody that cause.

If your inner drive comes from making automobile manufacturing more ecological or to bring back humanity into everyday communication, find organizations that pursue and embody those causes.

If you do that, you do not just get an immensely more fulfilling career and life but will experience huge success in your career because your actions are aligned with your cause and that will make you live up to your full potential.


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