In this article, I am going to show you the importance of clearly defining your next step in your career, no matter if you are looking for a new job in your field or a career change. 

This is step 4 in the entire process of the 10 Steps to Create Your Very Best Career Opportunities in Switzerland’s Hidden Job Market.


Your Ideal Job

One of the pieces of the foundation that I always work on with my coaching clients is the ideal job. This is where many people first struggle. I work with a lot of people who are in a career change or are completely new to Switzerland and want to restart their career.

Therefore, many of them don’t know exactly in which direction they should go. Some have a clearer idea and others don’t. Some think that the path they walked for the past years is the right one and then they discover that it’s not really what excites them the most. Others already know what they are truly passionate about.


Why Not Pursuing Your Passion Will Ruin Your Career

If you want to be highly successful and fulfilled in your career, it can only happen if you do something you truly enjoy. In any other case, you may get to the top but will either burn out or realize too late that you have climbed the wrong ladder your entire life.

I believe that if you don’t find and pursue your passion in the near future, you will eventually be out of work or go bankrupt no matter if you are an employee, freelancer or business owner, because the world is changing faster than ever before.

Make sure you don’t join the dark side.

I am going deeper into this topic in a blog post in the coming weeks.


You Really Made it!

I never understood the term “pursuing your passion” during my corporate career. I could not really identify with it since I was never living my passion at work.

For over 7 years I was working in a steady career, earning a lot of money and had all the benefits you can imagine with company car, phone and expenses paid.

Many of the people around me always told me “Wow, you just turned 25 and are managing two teams with millions in sales responsibility, you really made it.”. I felt very comfortable and was living a good life, mostly at the weekends and the few weeks on holiday each year. The problem was that I felt empty inside.

My main goal was to be less in the office but then I would also earn less money. Every time I entered the office in the morning, I could only think about the exciting Friday afternoon at 5pm when I walked out with a big smile on my face.

I recently told this story to a small group of 10 professionals and executives in Zurich and I know that you may feel the same way I felt back then.


No Quick Fix

It took me a long time to figure out what I am passionate about. I first thought about starting my own business 8 years ago but never acted on it until September of 2012 when I started Even by then, I did not intend to start my own business. I simply wanted to get into blogging because it fascinated me (and still does).

It may not take you 8 years to discover your passion and what’s driving you.

However, you have to realize that it usually takes some time and can’t be done in 5 minutes. Although there are many assessments and courses on this topic – which I’m going a bit into details later below – it’s a continuous process.

This is why I approach it a little bit differently when I coach & mentor people.


The Unconventional Approach to Create a Career Around Your Passion

I work with my coaching clients in an iterative process where we start with a clearly defined path (Ideal Job Exercise).

Most of the time, my clients are not 100% sure if this is their biggest passion or core driving force but they know that it’s something that truly excites them.

Once we decide to stick with this path until it does not feel right anymore, we start the process outlined in the 10 Steps to Create Your Very Best Career Opportunities in Switzerland’s Hidden Job Market.

I believe you can’t simply go through an assessment and at the end your passion pops out. I believe that you have to test different things that really excite you.

I also believe that you can only truly say that something is your core motivation or your passion once you have tasted a piece of it. And the closest you can get without directly doing it is talking to people who are currently doing it.

Since I help my clients build relationships with likeminded and passionate people (instead of random people chosen based on their job title or status), a natural connection is established.

When you connect with likeminded people who share your values and many of your interests (Value Players) and find many of them working in a particular sector, profession or organization, it’s a great indicator that you would also feel really good working there.


Note: On Wednesday, 16th October, I am hosting a live webinar called 10 Steps to Break Into the Hidden Job Market in Switzerland. Join me there if you want to create a career in Switzerland on your own terms.


Realizing That You Are Pursuing the Wrong Path

I recently started to work with a coaching client from Madrid. She is definitely one of my favorite clients because she has such a natural positivity and high level of energy.

When we started working together, her goal was to join a large pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. She was very convinced and convincing that this is the right path to pursue so we started to test the assumption.

She went to many meetups, coffee, lunch and dinner meetings and even threw some home parties to get to know people. After several weeks, she realized something.

Most people she met, told her not to join their company because she would be better off starting her own company or joining a startup.

After hearing this for several times, we decided it’s time to go back to the Ideal Job Exercise and look into something else. She also took the Strengths Finder Test (see below) to get a better idea which path to pursue.

We are now changing direction and working on the new path. Her energy raised to a new level and she is much more excited about this path than the other before.

It’s usually difficult to realize that you are on the wrong path until you talk to people who are walking it.


3 Tools to Help You Discover Your Passion

There are several tools that I work with from time to time to make it easier for people to find what they really love to do.


Scott Dinsmore’s Live Off Your Passion

I have taken this program myself and it helped me a lot to surround myself with more passionate people and to focus on what I really love to do which is writing, speaking and traveling.

I am a partner of Scott and I can highly recommend this program to you if you are looking to find and do work you love.


Simon Sinek’s Why Discovery Course 2.0

Simon Sinek is one of my mentors who inspired me to pursue my Why. He continues to inspire me day after day and he made me completely rethink how I approached business and career.

I have not gone through the Why Discovery Course yet. I know a few of my clients have used his course to better articulate their Why and I have only heard praise.

If you are not 100% clear about your Why and need to refine it, I suggest you follow my clients’ lead and take Simon’s course.


Gallup Strengths Finder

I have personally taken the Gallup Strengths Finder test and it was a great validation for me that I am pursuing the right path.

Also, some of my clients have taken the test to find out what their natural strengths are and in many cases it was a validation for what they thought it could be and also gave great insight into possible career paths.

I can highly recommend the Strengths Discovery Package if you want to find out what your natural strengths are and use them in your career.


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