One of my favorite passages in Tribes from Seth Godin is the following.

“Most people don’t matter so much. Most people like the products they already have, so marketers ignore them. Most people work hard to fit in, so others don’t notice them. Most people like eating at places where they have eaten before. Most people think this program is a bad idea. Most people would like the world to stay just as it is, but calmer. Most people are afraid. Most people didn’t use Google until last year. Most people aren’t curious. 

You’re not most people. You are not the target market for most marketers and you are certainly not a manager.”


When My Coaching Client Asked a Tough Question

I recently talked to one of my coaching clients who is still outside of Switzerland and can’t relocate yet since he has a company to run where he currently resides.

One of the things he is struggling with is that he can only travel to Switzerland once or twice a month to meet people and build his network. He is doing everything remotely and meets the people when he is in Switzerland.

He sent me an email while he was staying in Switzerland a few days and it went like this:

“Now I had this thought while coming back from meetings to my hotel: after meeting a few people who are in a career transition and already are in Switzerland I just can’t believe it – these people are all here on site, they have work permits etc. sorted out, they mostly have Masters degrees and what not – and they have no jobs or companies to run, they have whole days free – and yet they have a hard time finding a suitable position for months. This just doesn’t add up!

Maybe the job market in Switzerland sucks (though I just checked and the unemployment rate is at 3%). If I lived here and had no job to do I would be on every meetup that touches my subject – trying to be a speaker on half of them.

What is your take on this?!”


This is what I replied to him:

“I can see what you mean. The problem is that most people, if they are in a comfortable spot even when being unemployed, do not take massive action. Only when the pain gets really bad, people usually take massive action and get results fast. That is the reason why most people just live from day to day and let their lives pass by.

The opportunities are never the problem, they are all out there in masses. Most people never see them or find them. Most people just live day by day looking forward to their next vacation or weekends. Most people have never experienced true happiness in live. Most people never take the action that is necessary to win.

My goal is to help the people who are not most people, to then in return, inspire more of the most people category to become non-most people. Hope that makes sense…”


All the Sad Monday Morning Faces in the Tram in Zurich

Whenever I travel in public transport, I look at other people’s facial expression and their body language. It’s pretty terrifying to do that. Try it if you have never consciously done it before. 

Most people look like they have not smiled in ages. Others look like they just went through a punch press. Many times, I feel like I am the only person in that tram, bus or train that actually truly enjoy what he does every day. 

No wonder we are in a financial crisis since years and can’t get out. No wonder Switzerland has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. No wonder, more and more people get sick and depressed.


What If 80% of People Would Love What They Do?

Many statistics say that about 80% of the western population of the world does not enjoy their work. When I think about my tram or train rides, I think those statistics must be very understated.

What if we could reverse that? What if we could create a world where 80% of people truly enjoy what they do every day. What if 80% of the world’s population would do something that truly matters to them, something that gives them energy and excites them?

What if you could get up every morning and do what you truly enjoy all day? What if what you do all day would matter to you because you believe in it?

The world would look a whole lot different.

When I mention this big vision of mine, most people either tell me “You are crazy to even think about that” or “That is impossible”. In some rare occasions, somebody who gets it says “I love your idea, I’m on board”.

I can’t do it on my own. I need you to be on board for that ride. I need you to step out of your comfort zone and pursue what really matters to you. I need you to create your own path and then walk it.


How You Can Create Your Dream Career

The keyword here is create. There is no job advert that says “We are hiring *insert your dream career here*”. There is no magic formula or quick fix.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Figure out what you really want. This takes time. It took me 8 years but it does not have to take you that long.

2. Go out there and publicly announce what you stand for, what you believe in and connect with people who share your values.

3. Build meaningful relationships with passionate and likeminded people.

4. Open your eyes and see the abundance of opportunities out there. Then pick as many as you want.


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