If you are reading this and have joined the program you are probably unemployed or in the process of a career change and you are looking for a new job.

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to help you advancing your career or finding a new job.

The news is flooded with negative information about the job market and how people have problems finding a job. I believe if you choose an unconventional way in your job search,  you are going to win. Here are some statistics to think about:


  • 50% of jobseekers over 50 are unemployed for over a year
  • The retirement age rises constantly
  • Over 430’000 people in the UK over 50 are unemployed which is the highest rate since 1994
  • There is a huge lack of experienced professionals across all industries
  • Some recruitment experts state that over 80% of all positions filled are never published publicly on job boards


These are some random positive and negative statistics to make you think.


What does the economy need today?

As mentioned briefly, the corporations today are looking for experts instead of generalists and these are difficult to find. For example, in IT there are not enough people graduating to be able to fill the gap of experts and this demand is growing steadily. Therefore companies should be more than happy to hire people with tons of experience, both in work and life. However this is not exactly the case for all firms.


One of the most important statistics one should focus on is that an estimated 80% of all positions filled, were never published publicly. However much over 80% of the people looking for a job focus on the 20% that are put on the job boards. This is where your great advantage is and thus on what this training is going to focus on – building your Network.



Why is building a Network so important?

As mentioned, approx. 80% of all jobs are given to people who network and really know how to do it. A lot of HR departments and especially Line Managers are incredibly busy and do anything to cut down the workload. So they started asking their employees to refer friends and relatives to jobs that are only published internally so they do not have to deal with the 100s of applications for each job. This is called “The hidden job market” and you will learn exactly how to tap into it and get the job you love and deserve.



What will you learn in this training?

  • How to have the right mindset for your job search
  • How to manage your time correctly as a job seeker
  • How to set up and optimise the Social Network Accounts
  • How to receive the attention of potential employers and build a network of targeted contacts
  • How to find suitable groups and events to attend and build your network
  • What you need to do to prepare yourself for events
  • How you can follow up with your network by being generous and caring without any pressure
  • How you can polish your CV and cover letter to maximise your success
  • Ways of how to succeed in formal and informal interviews
  • How to leverage recruitment agencies



What is different about this training compared to others?

You will learn step by step, week after week, what to do exactly to succeed in your job search. This is not laid out as a theoretical book. This is a coaching program to teach you all the steps from zero to the job you love.

In this guide you will be shown the unconventional path aside from the general career advice. Because of this, the level of competition will be much smaller and before you apply for any position you will know if you like the company and the people you might work with.



Table of content

Week 1 – Starting out

Week 2 – Get your mind and schedule right

Week 3 – The power of Social Networks

Week 4 – Building and maintaining your network

Week 5 – Application process

Week 6 – Mastering Interviews



Action steps week 1 – Gathering knowledge

1. Local newspaper

Buy your local newspaper and scan through the business section looking for company relocations, management changes and organisational growth in corporations. This will give you a better idea about the market and your industry.

2. Job boards

Set up alerts for new jobs that you would consider on your local and if applicable on international job boards as well.

3. Blogs and online News

Search for blogs and news sites that provide you with industry insights and the same information as just mentioned to look for in the local newspaper.

4. Google Alerts

Go to and set up alerts for your target companies. Just type in their name and set the following parameters:

Result type: Everything

How often: Once a day

Hoy many: Only the best results


Then create the alert and sort through the news once a day. If the information is not accurate enough you can try the following keywords:

{desired company} jobs

{desired company} vacancy

{desired company} career

{desired company} expanding

{desired company} management change

{desired company} relocation


There are several goals you want to achieve with this:

  • To find out more about the companies’ plans and intentions and have enough knowledge to impress somebody in an informal interview of such an employer
  • To see if your expertise can be of help in any area for the company
  • Have a competitive advantage with your knowledge about the company
  • Find out if this is really the company you want to work for


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