Welcome to the first week of your job search coaching. This week we will build your foundation, which you need to be successful in your job search in Switzerland.

You can find all videos of week 1 below including links to references and homework assignments.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you prepare all questions before the next coaching or Q&A session so you have them ready to ask.


Your Bonus

As a bonus for joining my coaching, you receive the Ebook “Career Excellence Through Relationships” as a free gift. The Ebook should act as a reference guide for you, as many of the methods and strategies that you will see in the training videos are also explained in the book.



1.0 Job Search Group Coaching – Introduction


You can join the Jordico Private Career Excellence Circle on LinkedIn here


1.1 The Right Mindset


1.2. 8 Reasons Why Job Boards are Ineffective


1.3. The Right Communication

Example Why-How-What Statement 


1.3.1 Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action


1.4. Your Ideal Job


1.5. Your List of Companies


1.6. 8 Reasons Why You Should Focus on SMEs


1.6.1 How to Find SME Companies Who Hire English Speakers


1.7. Your List of 90 People


You can sign up for the follow-up system Contactually here.


1.8. Homework Assignments Week 1


IMPORTANT: Make sure you prepare all questions before the next coaching or Q&A session so you have them ready to ask. 


Here are the homework assignments once again:

1. WHY-HOW-WHAT Statement

Go ahead and download the Communication Excellence Workbook here. Do all the exercises if you want to get the most out of it and create your Why-How-What statement.


2. Ideal Job Exercise

Create your ideal job using the three points mentioned before (1. Function or Position, 2. Specific Industry, 3. Type of Company)


3. Create Your List of 90 People

List everybody you know and don’t judge people based on their profession or in which industry they work in. Your brother’s sister could be a great potential person for referrals or job leads, you just never know. We will use this list extensively throughout the 4 weeks.


4. Create Your List of Companies

Use the tools that i showed you to start building your list of 10-100 companies. We will also use this list very extensively throughout the program and it will change over time when you add more companies and delete those who don’t match your values.


5. Your Follow up System

Set up your system and import your contacts, especially the list of 90 people. You will constantly keep in touch with them and add new people you meet during your career transition. This is a key part for your success.

You can get a great system called Contactually here.